10 Restaurants for Meat-Lovers Visiting London

meat lover

London is a fantastic city for foodies. There’s been a recent explosion in carnivore-friendly venues, fuelled by demand and increased interest in the process which brings meat to the plate.

Locally-sourced cuts, an enhanced emphasis on responsible farming, and a new generation of chefs willing to be a little daring and innovative – all of these factors have contributed to a major boom in meat-lovers dining.

In this blog, we’ll introduce you to some of our favourite carnivorous eateries in London, ensuring you’ll always have somewhere fantastic to enjoy a meal!

One Sixty

City of London

This restaurant is a favourite with fans of slow cooking, and offers one of the best spaces for enjoying seasoned, delicately flavoured meats in London.

One Sixty was developed by David Moore, who has the distinction of a Michelin-star and travelled across the United States to seek inspiration for the menu. This is evident in each dish at the restaurant, and you’ll also be able to enjoy a selection of craft beers with your meal.

For visitors enjoying the latest hotel packages in London, this is a fantastic place to dine in style amongst the City of London’s busy workers.

Buen Ayre


An Argentinian-themed venue which counts a variety of beef dishes amongst its highlights, Buen Ayre is the brainchild of head chef John Rattagan.

The restaurant has a simple mission, bringing Argentina’s flair for cooking meat to London. It has succeeded spectacularly, with signature dishes including black pudding, sweetbreads and much more.

Dishes here tend to be on the large side, so consider buying a few sides for sharing with your fellow diners. There’s also an impressive wine list, with many of the bottles sourced from Argentina.

Meat People


Without doubt one of London’s finest meat-based menus, the staff at Meat People are specialists in crafting freshly-prepared dishes using meats which are as locally sourced as possible.

Some of the meat you’ll find here has been produced as close as southern England, and it makes its way into tasty dishes which are both flavoursome and often surprisingly healthy.

If you’re staying locally and enjoying spa packages in London, this would make the ideal celebratory venue for a meal during your visit.

Joe’s Southern Table & Bar

Covent Garden

The menu at Joe’s Southern Table & Bar is filled with delightful flavours, and the adjoining bar offers plenty of drinks to accompany each dish. Expect plenty of bourbon and an abundance of crowds during the weekend – this is one of the most popular venues for the city’s carnivores!

Nonetheless, it’s well worth a visit during your stay at Montcalm Royal London House, particularly if you’re a fan cuisine inspired by the American South.



Fans of a great steak will find plenty to enjoy at Hawksmoor, which is one of the area’s trendiest and tastiest eateries. Here you’ll find a warm welcome and a cosy venue, as well as an eye for tasty cuts of meat.

The steak menu is extensive, with a vast selection of dishes for you to choose from. There’s everything from sharing platters to casual dining experiences in the lower floor of the venue, where you can try a few sides and a drink.



This Hackney pizzeria offers much more than just pizza, although its Italian-style dishes are certainly impressive, and include many delicious meat-based toppings.

However, they also offer charcuterie and antipasti. The style of the venue is a standout feature, with a distinctive industrial loft space and large windows. Expect wooden tables and a sense of communal dining.

During the summer months, you can also enjoy a tasty brunch here at one of the outdoor tables, or sample the Lardo wine list for a selection of authentic Italian tipples.


Various locations

This London-based chain wasn’t content with just one location, so instead you’ll find them everywhere from Croydon to the West End. There’s a reason why Meatliquor has been able to expand as it has, and that is the sheer quality of what’s on offer.

The menu is filled with fantastic treats, from US-inspired cheeseburgers to chicken and cheese steaks. You’ll also find an extensive cocktail menu which helps to wash everything down.

Mac & Wild


Mac & Wild draws its inspiration from Scotland, and many of the ingredients also hail from this part of the UK. You can be sure that every dish will include authentic, tasty ingredients – with the venue actively publicising the journey each cut of meat has made before landing on your plate.

The chain has a family-run farm near Inverness, which is the source of many of the meats on offer. Whether you’re in the mood for venison, a traditional roast or a rich and indulgent steak, there’s plenty to make us heartily recommend a trip here while staying at hotels near Old Street Station.


Bethnal Green

A London venue which simply refuses to offer a vegetarian option, here you can experience a menu which includes starters like pork scratchings and even a real pig’s head, if you’re feeling particularly carnivorous.

There are other, smaller dishes on offer, too – such as snails, eels and duck. Sundays are a particularly busy day, and with a welcoming atmosphere and simple, tasteful décor, this is sure to be a hit with meat-loving visitors to London.


City of London

This restaurant has been designed with meat eaters at its centre, and takes a slightly different approach to some of the city’s other meat-based eateries.

Instead of going down the rustic route, Forge is a more elegant affair. Chefs have drawn inspiration from around the globe and allowed their imaginations to run wild, with key dishes including pork ribs marinated in Coca Cola.

However, there’s plenty of more traditional fare to enjoy, with chicken dishes, wings and more all available for you to tuck into.