3 of the Best Independent Cinemas Near Finsbury Square


London, because it’s such a vast place and home to so many millions of people, has everything, and the realm of cinema is no exception. There are huge multiplexes and IMAXs, all showing the latest movies in huge venues and with ear-crushing sound systems.

But sometimes that’s not what you want. Sometimes you want a cinema that’s a little smaller and a little bit more, well, independent. Happily, your Montcalm luxury hotel London puts you in just the right spot to find these hidden, independent gems. So, with that said, let’s take a look at three of the best.

Close Up

Cleverly-named and about as fiercely independent as you’re likely to find, Close Up offers an intimate film experience in a venue you might assume isn’t big enough for a large television, let alone a cinema. But appearances can be deceiving. And it’s only a short hop if you’ve taken advantage of one of our London hotels special offers.

The idea behind Close Up is to provide quality, small-scale showings of classic and arthouse films that you might not otherwise get to see on the big screen. Despite its size, Close Up does a magnificent job of curating robust programmes of movies and it’s a comfortable experience to boot. The inside is thoroughly modern and, in many ways, much more comfortable than a chain cinema. It’s also a great experience seeing a classic film in such an intimate environment, with no more than forty seats in the central space.

If you’re looking for an independent cinema that delves into the past of film and delivers on the experience front at the same time, you need to check out Close Up.

Electric Cinema

Right in the heart of Shoreditch, Electric Cinema is all about plush comfort. If you like the sound of your own armchair while you take in a classic or modern film, then Electric Cinema should be on your radar.

Only a short walk from your Montcalm luxury hotel London, Electric Cinema is a very Shoreditch approach to moviegoing, and it’s a totally unique experience. Screens aren’t the full size you’d expect in a multiplex but that’s part of the charm here, and this is more than made up for by the elegant and relaxing environment on offer.

The cinema shows a mixture of classic films, with lots of eighties fare on offer, along with the latest releases. Come to see a movie, stay for the deep armchairs.


The Barbican actually has three cinemas on-site and this most well-respected of institutions does a good job showing the biggest, latest releases and some films you may have never heard of before. Only a short journey when you book one of our London hotels special offers, it’s a great place to see a movie before heading off to bed.

And that’s the joy of the Barbican; it has an eclectic, always changing roster of filmic offerings but you can also just kick back and watch the Incredibles 2 if you fancy it.