3 Off-Beat Things to Try Out Near Finsbury Square

the barbican

Sometimes you need something a little different to do. While London has a vast range of things to see and experience, it’s always a good idea to explore the options that are a little less well-known and a little more off-beat.

Staying at Montcalm Hotels London, you are ideally placed to seek out some things to try out that are a bit more off the beaten track. And that’s just what we’re going to look at below.

Dennis Severs’ House

Once home to a wealthy family of silk-weavers, Dennis Server’s House offers a glimpse into a world gone-by and an incredible visual experience all of its own.

Named after the Severs’ family’s most well-known scion, the house is a true time capsule of 18th-century living, replete with rich decoration and a unique look. The theme of Dennis Severs’ house is to guide you through the family’s history  generation by generation, right up to the twentieth century.

Visiting the house is like stepping into a living piece of art, with paintings and sculptures everywhere. It’s a different experience from visiting a museum and a place that deserves a chance. It’s also easy for anyone using our hotel packages London to find.

Bunhill Fields

Bunhill Fields has long been the final resting place of the outsider and the heretic, hence its designation as a ‘Dissenter’s Cemetery’.  This was the old-fashioned way of saying someone might not want their final resting place in a standard churchyard.

Residents of Bunhill Fields include William Blake, Daniel Defoe and John Bunyan – all men who kicked against the conventions of their day and, fittingly, found themselves in an unconventional burial ground. Only a 10-minute walk from Montcalm Hotels London, you don’t have much walking to do to see this beautiful spot.

Located in the heart of the area, Bunhill Fields is a tranquil and relaxing spot – perfect to get away from the noise and hustle of the city. And, moreover, it’s just a fascinating place to explore. The area has a very old feel to it, with a woodland canopy framing the site, making it the perfect off-beat locale to sit, relax and sample the atmosphere.

The Barbican

Few places do off-beat as well as the Barbican. If you like film, photography, music, dance or anything else that tends to veer into the alternative, then you need to get to the Barbican. With your room secured through our hotel packages London, you’ll be able to explore and enjoy everything the Barbican has to offer.

With a well-earned reputation for pushing the cultural boundaries of the capital, the Barbican is home to revolving exhibitions from new and established artists and the programme of events is always innovative and fresh. Alternatively, if you want to relax and see a film, the Barbican offers that too. You’re just as likely to find the latest blockbuster on offer as you are an obscure Japanese film from the 1950s – and that’s the beauty of the place.