4 Local Galleries and Museums To Visit During Your Stay At The Montcalm Royal London City

Barbican Centre

London has one of the most thriving art scenes in the world. With places like the Tate, the Natural History Museum, the Wellcome Collection and the National Gallery all in the heart of the capital, travellers are never short of things to discover no matter where they’re staying.

Some art galleries and museums are ignored in favour of their more famous cousins, however. When you’re staying at the Montcalm Royal London City hotel, so near to so many great galleries and museums, it would be a crime to pass them up.

The Barbican

Jean-Michel Basquiat is making a splash almost twenty years after his death. Not only has his work been turned into makeup, the Barbican are hosting the first large-scale exhibition of his work in the UK until late January 2018. Bringing together more than 100 works, and featuring rare film, photography and archive material, this event promises to be a hit.

The Barbican is a great place to discover contemporary art as well as recent work from artists who have made their name, but their Curve gallery is dedicated to commissioning new work. Featuring incredible visuals, cinema, audio works and more, there is always something new at the gallery for everyone to enjoy.

The V&A Museum of Childhood

Not far from the fine hotels in London city lies the V&A Museum of Childhood. It can be found in Bethnal Green, and has fantastic permanent collections showing how children were allowed to be children in English culture throughout history.

The answers lie in teddy bears, wooden toys, more modern plastic, tin soldiers and more. They have the largest collection of dolls in the UK, and holds over 100 dolls’ houses, which help historians and visitors to the museum understand how life used to be lived.

A must for inquisitive children!

Spitalfields Arts Market

The Spitalfields Arts Market is part-gallery, part-shop, with works from both up and coming as well as established artists. There’s no particular genre that flourishes here, no definitive artistic style, but the thing most of the art here has in common is that it can be purchased from the artist themselves—meaning that every piece will come with added personal experience.

The arts market is located close to the Montcalm Royal London City hotel, running from most Thursdays to Sundays.

Whitechapel Gallery

Whitechapel Gallery has a long and storied history. For over a century it has been at the forefront of contemporary art for the city, premiering works by modern masters like Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. The tradition has continued, and they have also worked with contemporary artists like Sarah Lucas, Thomas Struth, and Sophie Calle.

Ideal for lovers of art, visiting Whitechapel Gallery is visiting a place where art is beloved by everyone involved in displaying it. Visitors can expect collection displays, historic archives, new exhibitions, art courses, a café/bar and an art bookshop inside.