The 5 Best Museums For Kids

Victoria and Albert Museum in Kensington

If you’re visiting London with the kids, you’ll want to get an itinerary set out to keep everyone happy during your stay. Luckily, there’s plenty to do in the UK’s capital for the whole family. But if you’ve had enough of seeing the sights, taking in the historic culture and hitting the shops, it’s time to think outside the box. London’s museums are some of the best in the world. Telling the stories of times gone by both in the UK and around the world, these museums capture the imagination of children and parents alike. But sometimes, with so many choices on offer, it can all seem overwhelming. Nevertheless, here at the Montcalm City Hotel, we’re experts in all things London so can help you choose the very best of the best. So what are the best museums for keeping your kids entertained?

London Transport Museum

A two-time TimeOut Love London award winner, it never fails to impress. Detailing an intricate history of the capital’s world-famous transport system, the London Transport Museum hits all the right notes for kids.

From the get-go children will be left awe-struck by the audiovisual recordings of New York, Tokyo, Paris, Shanghai, London and New Delhi’s transport systems, before being transported back to 1800 when London’s first licensed public transport, the sedan chair, was created. Visitors will then be taken on a journey through time, with examples of horse-drawn carriages, the iconic London buses and cabs, steam engines and the celebrated London Underground to light up tired eyes. There’s also a family play zone for children up to seven years old, which features a whole host of transport-related activities and obstacles.

Natural History Museum

Home to a research facility, the National History Museum boasts hundreds of thrilling and interactive exhibits. Fun for kids of all ages and with all interests, they’ll not only enjoy exploring the stunning building, but also relish the opportunity to learn about some of the greatest animals ever to roam the earth. Popular areas in the museum include the Dinosaurs Gallery, Mammal Display – which features the renowned blue whale model- and of course the remarkable Central Hall, which is home to the Museum’s iconic Diplodocus skeleton. It’s also worth keeping an eye out for the stimulating programme of events that run throughout the year.

Science Museum

The most visited science and technology museum in Europe, the millions who flow through its doors every day can’t be wrong. With more than 15,000 objects on display throughout this epic adventure, the museum is one of the best in the world. Containing world-famous objects such as the Apollo 10 command capsule and Stephenson’s Rocket, as well as the Robot Collection, and interactive galleries, including the new Statoil Gallery, kids will be entertained for hours. What’s more, kids can experience what it’s like to fly with the illustrious Red Arrows or blast off into space on an Apollo space mission in the magnificent 3D and 4D simulators, or indeed catch a film on a screen taller than four double-decker buses in the IMAX 3D Cinema.

British Museum

Having been open since 1759, the British Museum is one of the most comprehensive in the capital. Featuring objects collected from around the world, it tells the story of human civilisation throughout times and cultures. The oldest of which are ancient coins, medals and natural remains that have survived thousands of years. Divided by location and periods in history, the museum covers each period in history in vivid detail, right up to more modern eras, and everything in between. Make sure you ask about the daily activities for kids. Free to attend, they include crafts, activity trails and digital workshops.

V&A Museum of Childhood

As the home of the world’s best collection of children’s toys, doll’s houses, games and costumes, the Museum of Childhood is the perfect museum for little ones. Part of the Victoria & Albert Museum, it has been collecting childhood-related objects for nearly 150 years. Now with a collection that will brighten any child’s day, the toys on view include delicate and original Victorian praxinoscopes, original Barbie Dolls, board games, and even modern-day toys including the ‘Incredibles’ figures. But there’s more to do for kids than simply look at the toys; there’s lots of hands-on stuff for kids to do dotted around, while regular exhibitions are held upstairs to add a bit more to a traditional visit. And what’s more, the museum is just a short Tube ride away from the Montcalm City Hotel at the Brewery.