5 Things Tech Fans Must Do With 48 Hours in London

London Transport Museum

London is a great destination for those with a love of all-things-tech. The city promises everything from cutting-edge venues to amazing experiences with a techie-edge, and as a destination which combines both a rich history with a distinctly forward-looking vibe, you’ll find lots to keep you entertained on your short break. Here’s our guide to five things you absolutely must do with your 48 hours in London...

Take a Trip to the Science Museum

The Science Museum is one of London’s top tourist attractions, but it will have a particular place in your heart if you’re into techie exhibitions. The venue brings an impressive pedigree and regularly attracts huge crowds, so if you want to beat the rush, try visiting in the evening during extended opening hours.

There’s a little bit of everything going on here, from interactive exhibitions to shows designed to both educate and entertain. One of the most impressive things about the Science Museum is the way it uses some of the technologies showcased to bring its exhibits to life. Whether you want to learn about the technologies of the past, the technology of the present or the tech innovations shaping the future, be sure to visit while staying at one of our 5 star hotels in London.

Discover more at the London Transport Museum

Without technological development, London’s vast transport network would never have grown to its current size and scope. This museum provides un-paralleled access to the stories behind these technological feats, perfect for a cerebral activity before enjoying one of our tempting, indulgent spa packages in London. There is always something new happening here, from exhibits to intriguing talks which showcase the very best of London’s transport tech.

Browse the Imperial War Museum

War is seldom a positive aspect of human civilisation, but it has also helped drive a degree of innovation throughout the centuries as people used tech to build weaponry and defensive projects. Technology is not always used for a positive purpose, and at the Imperial War Museum you’ll be able to see some of the tech used in conflict throughout British history. The museum is touchingly rendered as a respectful space which manages to explore war, without ever glorifying it.

Visit the Tate Modern

This iconic art museum might not sound like the most ‘tech friendly’ venue, but its focus on modern art means there are lots of great installations which harness technology, lighting and engineering to create a big impact. While you’re staying in our 5 star hotels in London, you might as well go and see some of the carefully crafted pieces for yourself – including work by some of the modern art world’s biggest names.

Attend a Tech Event

London is packed with tech-led events throughout the year, meaning no matter when you visit, there is sure to be something ideal for you. This year you can look forward to everything from techie-talks to meet ups and guides which will help you in your own tech projects.