A day out at the seaside

London view

There’s so much to see in London, from amazing stage shows to historic monuments and attractions. But when the weather is nice and the British sun is beaming down at an unbearable 25 degrees, there’s no beating a trip to the seaside. Britons love to be by the sea, which is why millions of us head to the UK’s coastal towns every year to enjoy an ice cream and top up our tans. If you’re going to be in London this season make the most of the rare summer heat by taking a trip to the sea. This helpful guide will give you some great ideas for day trips out of the city.

Camber Sands

Located in the historic town of Sussex, this yellow sandy beach looks like something out of a middle-eastern holiday brochure. The rolling sand dunes carry on down the length of the beach, making for some beautiful scenery and a great track for kids to race down. The waters are a hotspot for local kite surfers and other water sport enthusiasts, so sit back and enjoy the sun as you watch an amazing display of skill. The sandy beach is a common spot for horse riders and has been the location for a number of films and TV shows. It’s only a couple of hours from London so easy to fit into your trip if you have booked one of our London hotel packages.

Tankerton Beach

This beautiful beach is located in Kent and has been a popular British holiday destination for years. The seaside spot is famous for its shingle walkway known as ‘The Street’ which stretches on for over 750 meters. At low tide this beautiful spectacle becomes visible, giving you the chance to walk out into the sea. Nature lovers will find an abundance of sea life in the many rock pools dotted along the sand. After enjoying a relaxing laze in the sun, head for a walk along the colourful beach huts and into the historic harbour town of Whitstable for some traditional coastal food.

Botany Bay

Botany Bay isn’t the typical arcade-filled seaside town that many people may be used to, but it’s perfect for a peaceful escape in between your interesting adventures in London. Relax in the sun and appreciate the natural beauty of the British coast at this scenic paradise. The hidden coastal getaway runs alongside Britain’s longest stretch of chalk cliffs, which house secret coves and walkways for you to explore. The nearest shops and eateries are around an hour’s walk away, making Botany beach ideal for those looking to escape from the world for an afternoon.

Mersea Island

Timing is crucial if you want to visit this natural haven, which is only accessible via an ancient Roman walkway that connects to the mainland. The ‘Strood’ is the only road on and off the island and becomes submerged by the tide at certain times throughout the month. Once you make it across, relax alongside beautifully quaint beach houses as you watch the sun go down from one of the island’s many sandy beaches.