An afternoon stroll through the historic Leadenhall Market

afternoon stroll

Shopping in London is a rite of passage for anyone planning to visit the city. The capital is a retail haven, full of iconic shopping destinations like the historic Leadenhall Market which is still one of the most popular spots in the city.

Leadenhall Market, which sits around the corner from our Montcalm hotels, has been a bustling place of trade since 1445 and is still providing shoppers with a wide range of goods to this day. From fashion to food, here are some of the wonderful things you can find at the historic market.

The Pen Shop

It’s not often that you come across a shop that specialises entirely in pens but this is a great example of the type of alternative traders and brands you can find at Leadenhall Market. The Pen Shop boasts an incredible collection of premium and luxury pens from the best designers such as Montblanc, Parker and Lamy. If you’re travelling on business, this is a great place to treat yourself to a new pen.


Our Montcalm hotels boast some of the best restaurants near Finsbury Square which means you’ll never be hungry when dinner time comes around but if you’re looking for places to refuel on your travels around the city, this hip Thai eatery boasts one of the best menus around. Inspired by traditional Thai street food, Grabthai brings the vibrant flavours of the east to the modern streets of London. Choose from a diverse selection of dishes that are prepared using fresh ingredients daily and treat your taste buds to an explosion of flavour.


Anyone switched on to the world of fashion will be familiar with Hobbs. The luxury clothing brand has been a staple on London’s fashion scene for decades and now you can find a wide range of products at the sleek boutique in Leadenhall Market. Browse the rails and find all kinds of gorgeous garments including jeans, shirts and wrap coats. The whole design process at Hobbs is carried out with care and precision which is reflected in the incredible quality of the clothing.


Pamper yourself this month with a trip to one of the Leadenhall Market’s latest additions. Askinology is a cosmetics and aesthetics specialist that has been helping people all over the country to improve the condition of their skin. If you’re looking to shed a few years and get a more youthful look, check out the wide range of treatments available at Askinology. Laser hair removal, anti-ageing injections and facials are just some of the treatments available. You will also find a huge selection of skincare products.


Enter an alcoholic wonderland and browse hundreds of premium brands at Amathas. The specialist alcohol retailer boasts one of the best commercial alcohol collections in London. Premium gins, aged whiskeys and rare vodkas can all be found on the shelves of Amathas. There’s plenty to choose from if you’re looking for a gift for a friend or colleague.