An American in London

Banana Smoothie

The capital city of England is an exciting place to visit for travellers from across the pond thanks to the myriad of culture, customs, sights and sounds to explore. However, as well as taking in new and exciting English experiences, with handy London hotel packages to help you on your way, there comes a time when you search for those creature comforts, reminding you of home. If you’re an American visiting London the first time, here are some places that offer a hint of Americana amongst the busy British landscape.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

Nearest tube: Piccadilly Circus
A firm favourite for Americans, this seafood firm celebrates tasty shrimp as well as one of the most iconic American films of all time! This restaurant, inspired by Forrest Gump, has now set up camp in London, situated beside a plethora of cinemas and the famous Leicester Square. While the menu may have been slightly affected by its entrance onto English turf, we’re sure its sizzling seafood, themed smoothies and memorable deserts will transport you straight to a lazy seafront in Alabama, with Forrest by your side.

Blues Kitchen

(Camden, Shoreditch or Brixton)
Nearest tube: Camden Town Station, Old Street, Brixton overground

Whichever branch you decide to try out, every visit to a Blues Kitchen is one to remember. Don your best trilby and shades and feel like a Blues Brother as you chow down on the finest BBQ cuisine, washed down with a raw helping of blues and rock ‘n’ roll. This carefully curated chain of bar and restaurants is open for brunch, lunch and dinner, with a jam-packed schedule of singers and bands to entertain you as you dine. To really get you in the mood, it also has a rip-roaring radio station to give you a sample of some of the jams you can expect to hear in each joint, before you even step foot in one.

Rooftop film club

(various locations)
Watching a drive through movie with your sweetheart is a right of passage for American teenagers, and in 2013 this became a reality for British teens too when the Rooftop Film Club launched a drive in cinema screening the rather appropriate film, Drive. In 2017, the company continues to run many open-air screenings and while they aren’t all viewable from a car, sitting under the stars while watching a classic blockbuster offers the same sense of nostalgic fun.

The American Food Store

Nearest tube: Holland Park
Situated on Ladbroke grove in an affluent area of North-west London is The American Food Store, a mega market filled with American treats and goodies. When you get bored of crumpets, scones and jam or have had enough of Sunday roasts, a trip to this store will leave you spoilt for choice. Reminding you of trips to the grocery store back home, each aisle is filled with classics such as Aunt Jemima, Hersheys, Lucky Charms, Pop Tarts and more. Perfect for stocking up on snacks before you head to the rooftop cinema…

If you’re heading to the UK’s capital city for the first time, the many London hotel packages available can ensure your stay is comfortable and undoubtedly British however, with a little knowledge about the area, it is possible to enjoy a small slice of America, even across the pond.