Arcades to visit near Finsbury square


Whether you’re travelling with the kids or you’re planning a trip with friends and you want to relive your childhood, London is full of arcades where you can find all of your favourite classic games and activities.

If you’re looking for luxury accommodation to enjoy your stay in London, our Montcalm hotels are situated close to all kinds of fun activities, landmarks and Finsbury Square restaurants. If you’re a gamer and you’re looking for the best hangouts, here is a list of the best arcades in the surrounding area.

5D World London

Raven Row, London

Head over to the Whitechapel area to discover one of London’s most unique and exciting gaming activities. The multi-level entertainment venue offers a plethora of gaming experiences including one of the few 5D cinemas in the country. The unique experience takes visitors on an immersive journey through a series of different adventures and locations. The arcade includes a wide range of classic gaming machines, traditional activities and slot machines that will keep you and the kids entertained all day long. 5D World is located on Raven Row which is only a short walk away from our Montcalm hotels so you won’t have far to travel.

VEGA London

Islington High Street, London

Hop on the Tube, head over to VEGA and travel back into history to a time when blue jeans were in and everyone’s favourite pastimes were shooting pool and beating bosses on arcade machines. This new underground arcade specialises in classic games and offers travellers a chance to immerse themselves in a world of retro entertainment. As you enter the arcade you’ll find a selection of machines including classic Street Fighter and Tetris. There is also a pool table which means you can enjoy a bit of friendly competition if you’re travelling with a group of friends. The authentic and friendly atmosphere in VEGA is really what makes this arcade so popular.

Namco Funscape

Westminster Bridge Road, London

If you only have time to visit one arcade during your time at our Montcalm hotels, Namco Funscape is a treasure trove of excitement and offers the biggest range of arcade entertainment that is sure to keep people of all ages entertained. If you're planning a birthday event or you’re simply looking to cut loose and have fun, this multi-level entertainment centre is the place to be. Pick up a paddle and go head to head in a game of table tennis or swap out your shoes and go for a strike in a game of bowling. There’s plenty of things to do at Namco so be sure to check it out.

Las Vegas Arcade

Wardour Street, London

Take a quick trip to the neighbouring area of Soho and you’ll find this vibrant arcade that offers gamers a chance to get their fix with a collection of classic games and modern machines. Whether you’re a hard-core shooter fan or you prefer to rock out with games like Guitar Hero, you’ll find something to keep you entertained at Las Vegas Arcade. The vibrant décor and electric atmosphere make this a great place to spend the afternoon with friends as you try to beat each other’s high scores.