The best educational experiences for kids in London

educational experiences for kids

There’s nothing more memorable than a child’s first trip to London. The city is a wonderland of excitement and adventure waiting to be explored by keen young minds.

Take advantage of our London hotels special offers and bring the kids along to The Montcalm Royal London House for an experience they’ll never forget. Here are some great places and activities when you can mix education with fun and teach your little ones about everything from science to history.

Natural History Museum

Cromwell Road, London

London’s most famous museum is more than just a place to see dinosaurs and look at moon rocks. It is a well of knowledge and offers a learning experience like no other for kids of all ages. Toddlers and teens will love exploring the huge halls of the Natural History Museum and learning all about the history of the planet and its inhabitants. Many of the families that visit The Montcalm Royal London House make a point of going to the Natural History Museum.

Science Museum

Exhibition Road, London

If you having a budding young scientist in the family, you won’t want to miss out on a trip to this famous institution. The Science Museum is packed full of knowledge and is home to some of the most breath-taking exhibits in the world. Walk along the timeline of technology and learn about how machinery, medicine, science and robotics has evolved over the years. For little ones, you’ll find the interactive water play area which teaches toddlers the basic principles of irrigation and mechanics.

London Zoo

Regent’s Park, London

A trip to London with the family wouldn’t be complete without visiting the iconic ZSL Zoo. Explore the exhibits and see all kinds of incredible creatures from around the world. From mischievous meerkats to ferocious tigers, you and your kids will get to learn about all the different species of the world and hear about how they have adapted to different environments. As you make your way around the zoo, you’ll find plenty of information and help from the friendly zookeepers.

Mini Picassos

Station Terrace, London

Help to inspire your kids and give them a chance to develop their creativity with a Mini Picassos art workshop. The experience is designed to teach children of all ages the skills of drawing and painting like the master painters of history. More importantly, it’s a chance for them to have fun and use their imaginations. There are regular classes held throughout the year ranging from introductory courses to sessions for experienced young painters.

London Aquarium

Lambeth, London

Explore the deepest depths of the ocean with your little one and see some of the most beautiful marine animals from around the world with a trip to the Sea Life London Aquarium. As you walk through the water tunnels and watch in wonder as all kinds of sharks, fish and strange creatures swim overhead, your children will get a chance to learn all about the oceans of the world and the creatures that inhabit them.