The best exhibits for kids at the Museum of London

kids at the Museum

The Museum of London is one of the city’s most popular exhibits and gets millions of visitors every year. It is responsible for documenting and showcasing the rich history of England’s capital and how it has evolved.

If you’re travelling to the Montcalm Royal London City Hotel with the whole family, you’re in luck. Our 5 star hotels in London are just a short Tube ride away from the Museum of London. That means you can take the kids along and let them see all of these fun and interesting exhibits.

Mudlarks Gallery

16th Feb – 32st Aug, 2018

Tots and toddlers will have a place to play and learn at the Museum of London over the next few months thanks to the installation of the Mudlarks Gallery. This free and open space provides a series of interactive exhibits, toys and activities that help your children develop new skills, pick up interesting facts and make new friends. The model version of the London Docks includes a range of toys and models for interactive earning and fun role-playing. This is ideal if you’re travelling to the Montcalm Royal London City Hotel with toddlers.

People’s City Gallery

Permanent Exhibit

Stepping onto the Museum of London is like stepping backwards in time. The aim of the institution is to help visitors learn more about the history of London, from prehistoric times to the modern day. Your kids will love exploring the People’s City Gallery and seeing all of the authentic vintage memorabilia from the Victorian era. From clothing and furniture to toys and trinkets, there are all sorts of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. This is a great way for your kids to see how children of the past lived in London.

London 2012 Cauldron

Permanent Exhibit

Head over to the London Olympic installation to see one of the most incredible works of art in the city. The 2012 London Olympic opening ceremony was a visual spectacle like no other and now you and your little ones can experience it first hand at the Museum of London. The main feature of the gallery is the iconic Cauldron which was designed by Thomas Heatherwick. The sights, lights and sounds of this exhibit will keep your kids in a sense of wonder all afternoon.

Great Fire of London Family Walk

18 Mar 2018 – 14 Apr 2018

The Great Fire of London is known to everyone in Britain as one of the most pivotal events in the city’s history. The new experience from the Museum of London allows you and your family to explore the area of London where the fire spread and learn about what happened. The exact cause of the fire is often a subject of great debate but this tour gives you the chance to hear all the known information and decide fact from fiction. This is a great learning experience for kids of all ages.