The Best Fusion Street Food in & Around Shoreditch

Fusion Food

There aren’t many areas in London that can match Shoreditch when it comes to and on-trend, subtly cool atmosphere. From street art to food and drink, Shoreditch is always a trend-setter for the capital.

It’s no surprise then that Shoreditch and its surroundings are home to some mouth-watering fusion street food, encompassing any kind of cuisine you might care to name. If you’re seeking delicious food in a more informal setting, Shoreditch is the place for you. Let’s look at some of the best.


Drawing from head chef and creator Eliot Cunningham’s British/Scandinavian upbringing, Lagom is an amazing hybrid of the foods of both nations, with a little spicy fire thrown in for good measure.

The vegetarian and meat offerings are equally delicious here, with the Swedish fire grill working overtime to deliver amazing smoky, sticky meaty treats and big, tasty vegetarian options. It’s based in the Shoreditch staple Dinerama Street Food Market and is only 10-minutes on foot from your Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch.

Yum Bun

Yum Bun takes classic Chinese steamed buns and puts all kinds of fusion-laced loveliness inside of them.

The buns themselves are amazing – light, fluffy and very satisfying to eat – but what goes inside them is just as special. You might want to try the crispy fish, Yum Bun coriander and lime steamboat option, or perhaps the Portobello mushroom option, which sets off a taste explosion with toasted walnuts, springs onions and a miso glaze.

Yum Buns moves around to various food markets in the capital and can be found during the weekends at Shoreditch’s Dinerama. With award-winning food like this within walking distance of your Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch, you must make the trip and try it.

Burger and Beyond

Another amazing street food option and again it’s at Dinerama, so it’s very convenient if you’re staying at one of our hotels in London City.

Burger and Beyond is not classical fusion in that it doesn’t mix two different cuisines, but what it does do is take the humble burger and make it special. This great eatery takes 45-day aged beef and serves up some amazing options. The ‘Hot Mess’ is a nice, spicy option with pepper jack cheese, jalapeno and chipotle mayo and your choice of tater tots or fries.

The focus here is all on quality and presentation, and your eyes will widen as you see the size and amazing looks of your burger.

Taco Dave

Offering up amazing and inventive tacos and rice dishes, Taco Dave is to be found at the Kerb King’s Cross Food Market. It’s only a ten-minute Tube ride from your Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch, and well worth the short jaunt.

Try out the Dr Pepper and chipotle taco for something different that will surprise with its great flavours. If you don’t fancy that, you can always go for the pork pibil taco and a blackened ancho chicken rice box. The food is very good and it’s one of the best off-beat street fusion options out there.