The best new exhibits at the Science, British and V&A museums for frequent visitors


London is filled with fascinating museums ideal for repeat visits. With ever-changing exhibits offering an array of new things to see and discover, here's our guide to the latest attractions at three of London's best museums...

Beatrix Potter's Art: Drawn with Design

V&A / Until 17th November 2019

This exhibition takes a closer look at the artwork of famed children's author Beatrix Potter, examining her stunning watercolour renderings of animals in different domestic situations. Without the artwork which accompanied her books, the images conjured by her writing could easily have been somewhat lost – yet Potter's own understanding of her creative universe shines through on the page. To discover more about how she created these images and why, be sure to head to the V&A this month.

Space Descent VR with Tim Peake

Science Museum / Open daily

This new immersive exhibit uses the latest VR technology to bring being on the International Space Station to life. With the guidance of UK astronaut Tim Peake, visitors to the Science Museum can experience arriving at, living on and descending back to earth from the ISS. The Science Museum is known for its love of techie exhibitions, and this is certainly no different – perfect for guests staying at the Montcalm Royal London City Hotel.

The Sun: Living with Our Star

Science Museum / Until 6th May 2019

This incredible exhibit brings visitors closer to the sun, our nearest star. The exhibition explores how our relationship with and understanding of the sun has changed over the years, using a combination of video, audio and interactive experiences suitable for all ages. It's particularly well-suited to families, as a way to introduce children to scientific concepts while staying at the Montcalm Royal London City Hotel.

Edvard Munch: Love and Angst

British Museum / Until 21st July 2019

An exhibit which focuses on the painter Edvard Munch, best known for his notorious work 'The Scream', Love and Angst will be running until the 21st July 2019. The exhibition offers a unique look at a painter famed as a radical figure in the Expressionist movement, yet about whom relatively little is known. Love and Angst looks at the experiences and backdrops which helped create the emotional intensity showcased in Munch's artistic work, and has been created in collaboration with the Munch Museum in Oslo to ensure optimum tribute is paid to a noted artistic figure.


British Museum / Until 26th August 2019

Manga has risen to the mainstream over the last few years. A visual art form which hails from Japan yet has since developed a major global appeal, this exhibit provides an immersive feel and a playful take on the history and current status of manga, looking at everything from anime to cosplay, and brings the art form to life in great detail. Whether you're an artistic soul enjoying London city hotel deals or simply curious about a worldwide phenomenon, this is your chance to discover more.