Best places to enjoy a winter walk in the city of London

winter in london

There’s no better way to enjoy the cool, fresh winter air than with a walk through the most vibrant and diverse city in the world. London is full of great walking routes where you can spot some of the city’s most iconic landmarks.

Thanks to the convenient location of our hotels near Liverpool street station, you will be situated close to a number of famous and historic spots that can only be appreciated fully if you see them in person. Here are some of our favourite walking spots that are sure to make your stay at the Montcalm luxury hotel London extra special.

River Thames

This is a common spot which would most likely appear in any London guide but there’s a reason why it is popular with travellers and visitors to the city. The famous River Thames is the biggest waterway in London and along its banks, you can find a number of iconic attractions and landmarks. Grab your camera, put on your coat and take a stroll alongside the river to see things such as Big Ben, Parliament Square and the London Eye. If you really want to capture some beautiful photos on your walk, wait until the sun goes down and the city lights turn on.

Hyde Park

A walk through a park in winter may seem strange when you consider that most of the leaves will have fallen from the tree but winter brings its own charm to Hyde Park and there’s something magical about walking through frost covered trees in the heart of London’s most famous park. If you’re travelling to the Montcalm luxury hotel London with a loved one, there’s no better place to take an afternoon stroll in the winter sun than Hyde Park, especially when Winter Wonderland is in full swing.

Jubilee Greenway

Little Venice/Camden, London

During the summer months, this lush green walking route is very popular amongst visitors to the area but it has just as much charm to offer during the colder months. Little Venice is a vibrant little gem in the heart of London and the walk along Jubilee Greenway is a perfect way to discover its beauty. During winter you’ll find a number of little market stalls and eateries alongside Regent’s Canal which is perfect for anyone looking to do a bit of last minute Christmas shopping.

Richmond Park

Richmond, London

This historic park in London is perfect for nature lovers and offers a wild oasis in the heart of the city. As one of the most popular greeneries in the capital, Richmond Park has become a go-to spot for bird watchers, joggers, wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. The huge open fields and dense woods are home to an abundance of wildlife including squirrels, birds and even deer. Be sure to take your camera along and try to snap some pictures of the four-legged residents of Richmond Park to show your friends and family back home.