Dessert Cravings

It’s no secret that London is home to a wide range of restaurants and great places to eat, with options ranging from fine dining to some of the hottest pop ups and food trucks in the country. With exciting chefs and great produce, there’s no shortage of dishes to try and cuisines to explore and luckily, this applies just as much to delicious desserts as it does to savoury dishes.

With so much choice on offer for even the most discerning and adventurous of diners, the question isn’t where can you go to satisfy a sugary craving, but where should you go when your sweet tooth demands something decadent and indulgent? If you’re looking for a sweet treat, there are many Finsbury Square restaurants that will provide just that. There’s also plenty of options in the surrounding area, whether you’re after a delicious ice cream, some traditional sweets or somewhere to sit down with a slice of cake and a coffee to enjoy the view.


Shoreditch High Street, London

Nosteagia is a Shoreditch favourite and it isn’t hard to see why. This dessert stall fuses Asian and English dishes and is ideal if you are on the go and fancy something sweet to take on your way. We have it on good authority that it’s worth visiting for the bubble waffles alone. Nosteagia also serves up bubble tea, Matcha ice cream and a whole range of Instagram-worthy snacks.

The Sloane Bros

Brick Lane, London

If you’re looking for a less fattening sweet treat, fro-yo is a cool choice. In recent years a number of chain frozen yoghurt shops have opened across the capital, but none are quite like The Sloane Bros. The Sloane Bros’ main aim is to provide healthy British frozen yoghurt to customers. There are a tonne of great flavours to choose from and lots of toppings to add, whatever your craving.

Hardy’s Original Sweet Shop

Covent Garden, London

There’s something magical about a classic British sweet shop, and that’s exactly what Hardy’s Original Sweet Shop offers. There are shelves and shelves full of some of the best old fashioned sweets and childhood favourites around, all served up with a healthy dose of nostalgia. With chocolate, sweets and Harry Potter items galore, you’ll struggle to leave this London favourite with just one bag of goodies.


Carnaby Street, London

We couldn’t mention the best places in London to satisfy your sweet tooth without mentioning the famous Choccywoccydoodah. Choccywoccydoodah really takes chocolate and cakes to the next level, and instead of simply providing sweet snacks, the store serves up impressive edible works of art. From the interior to the chocolates themselves, you’ll be in awe from the moment you enter. This is one for serious chocolate fans.

Lily Vanilli

Columbia Road, London

Located on Columbia Road, just a short journey from some of the best Finsbury Square restaurants, lies Lily Vanilli. Lily Vanilli is a cute bakery that serves up seasonal cakes, pastries and fresh juices to those looking for a tasty treat. If the taste of these cakes isn’t enough to tempt you, you’re sure to be impressed with their aesthetic as everything at Lily Vanilli is beautifully decorated making it supremely Insta-worthy, if you can hold off digging in long enough to snap a pic of your sweet treat!