The best street tours you can go on to find out more about London

street tour london

Sometimes the best way to experience the magic of London is by using your own two feet and walking through the historic streets. Walking tours are perfect for discovering the hidden gems that are often missed by people travelling in cars and on the Underground.

For those in search of luxury hotels near London City, the Montcalm Hotel London is ideally situated in the heart of the capital which means you can experience more on your city break. These unique walking tours will help you learn more about London and uncover some of its many secrets.

Street Art

Shoreditch, London

London has become a melting pot of art and culture over the centuries and in recent years served as a concrete canvas for urban painters taking part in the street art movement. Among the many areas of London where you can find graffiti artwork, Shoreditch is one of the most popular. The streets and squares around the area are full of masterpieces waiting to be found. Big names such as Banksy and Stik have made their mark on the walls of Shoreditch so you won’t want to miss out on a guided tour of the neighbourhood during your trip to the Montcalm Hotel London.

Movie Location Tour

If you’ve ever watched a James Bond film or an episode of Doctor Who, chances are you’ve spotted some of the iconic landmarks of London in the background. The city regularly plays host to a number of film crews that utilize the unique architecture of the area to create memorable scenes. From the famous Westminster Bridge which was featured in the memorable opening sequence from 28 Days Later to the MI5 building which can be seen in a number of the James Bond films, a movie location tour will take you on a cinematic journey around London.

Jack the Ripper Tour

Step into the shoes of London’s most notorious killer and walk in his footsteps as you explore the back alleys of the city and discover the locations of the infamous Ripper murders. Jack the Ripper will forever be remembered as one of the most deadly killers in Britain’s history and now you can find out more about the tactics of the killer and listen to the gruesome tales on a guided tour. The expert historians will lead you through the darker side of London and take you on a journey through time to the 19th century.

Sandemans New London Tours

If you have a limited time in London and you only have enough room on your itinerary to squeeze in a single tour, this all-around experience will take you on a complete journey of London. The expert tour guides at Sandemans are full of knowledge and know all of the best places to visit in London. From learning about the East End and the infamous gangs that operated in the area throughout history to visiting St Paul’s Cathedral and snapping photos of the beautiful structure, you’ll uncover a world of culture and history on a Sandemans Tour.