A blooming guide to explore London’s Spring flowers

    A blooming guide to explore London’s Spring flowers

    London is one of the most loved cities across the globe that witnesses visitors all through the year. The buzzing city offers something exciting and worth exploring in all its seasons. London is probably one of the few cities where there is no dull time to travel to. In winters it decorates itself into a beautifully decked-up Christmas destination, in summers it gets bright, sunny and warm as a hug, in autumn or fall it paints itself into a picturesque haven, and the season of spring takes the trophy in its floral attire with colourful flowers blooming all over the city. 

    Now that the season of spring has sprung, kissing a farewell to the gloomy rains and chills, it  is time to enjoy the onset of warmer and longer days. Spring onwards London’s vibe is about being out and about. There is so much to see and do during this time in London, and one of the most amusing things to do is to explore its blooms. From daffodils, cherry blossoms to tulips, roses and wisteria- it is time to feel refreshed, get some great photo-ops and give your instagram, snapchat or facebook a floral makeover. So plan ahead to make it to London for a spring break and look out for a good London city hotel deal. This will help you get a good hotel in a good location, as London gets very busy in this season. 

    To make commuting and connecting easier and convenient during spring, book yourself a comfortable hotel, ideally in the central part of London.One such glamorous hotel is the Montcalm hotel in Shoreditch. Located in the heart of the city and contemporary interiors, it offers a fine selection of amenities and facilities within the property.  

    Once you are well settled and rested in the comfort of your hotel, here’s an elaborate guide to where to go and see the most gorgeous spring flowers in London. 

    Flower Markets In London

    While London is famous for its several food, farmers, clothing and antique markets, not many about its flower markets. Here you can see stalls and shops dedicated to selling different types of flowers and other accessories for gardening and planting. Some of the famous London flower markets are the Columbia Flower Market, Chiswick Flower Market and the New Covent Garden Market. Strolling through these markets gives you a great sneak into London’s seasonal flowers and more. Plus, it’s something unique and off-beat to do and experience. 

    Once you have seen the markets, you can follow the flowery guide below to see the most gorgeous blooms in London. All the below places are easy to commute to and get to from the Montcalm London city hotels.


    Blooming in the peak of spring season, Daffodils are the star flowers of the season during March and April. Over 1 million daffodils are planted in the royal parks of London every year. But the majority of them are planted at St James Park. So, if you love daffodils and want to see rows and rows of them blooming then head to St James Park. Other parks that have daffodils during the spring season are Kensington Gardens, Victoria Embankment Gardens and the famous Kew Gardens. 


    Who says you can't catch a glimpse of the Tulips of Amsterdam, all you have to do is head to some of the royal parks of London. Another spring favourite flower in London are the tulips. The royals, the Londoners and visitors from all around the world love tulips. You can see tall and terrific tulips standing bright at the Hampton Court Palace, Buckingham Palace, St James's Park, Regents Park and Kensington Garden. 


    Adding the right colour to the spring season blooming bluebells are a sight to behold and admire. Growing in almost every corner of London, you will find them massively spread out in Osterley Park, Highgate Wood, Wanstead Flats, Oxleas Wood and around the Isabella Plantation in Richmond Park.


    Towards the end of spring and as we step into summer Lavender booms in its full glory. Lavender fields are a treat to the eyes and for your senses. And what makes it better is a great picture in front of a blooming purple patch. For an immersive Lavender experience head the famous Mayfield Lavender Farm. From breathtaking photo-ops to shopping for everything lavender, like soaps, muffins and more, you will  not regret trekking up to this farm. Other places to explore lavender patches are Vauxhall Park and Kennington Park. 


    Found in the middle of the gorgeous Richmond park, the oasis of Azaleas is a beautiful sight, the beauty of which is enhanced in the pond's mirror reflection. All shades of pinks and earthy greens make it look like an artist's masterpiece. Known as the Isabella Plantation, this one is a must visit and is only found in this park.


    Notting Hill is not only famous for featuring in the forever-favourite movie of the same name, but also the dreamy blooms of Wisteria flowers in this area. A favourite in the posh boroughs of London , you can see it spiralling and dangling off gorgeous homes, cafes and restaurants of Chelsea and Kensington too. Other places that are sought after by the followers of wisteria hysteria are Kynance Mews, Abingdon Road, pergola on Hamstead Hill, Gordon Place and Cheyne Walk. 

    Cherry Blossoms

    When travelling to Japan seems like a dream in Covid hit times, you can enjoy a slice of cherry blossom trees and flowers in a few London neighbourhoods too. The most popular place to see the Cherry Blossom bloom is the Kew Gardens. Some small patches are also there in Greenwich Park, Chester Road in Regents Park, outside st. Paul's cathedral and the redcliffe road in Chelsea.  

    Exploring massive parks and gardens while exploring the prettiest spring flowers of London can leave you happily tired at the end of the day. While having fun and exploring is crucial while you are on a trip, taking a good rest is also extremely vital. To do just that, is a great reason to choose a great spa hotel in London. Montcalm hotels of London offer a grand and luxurious spa services and treatments that will help you relax and revive, and make your holiday as perfect as it can be.