Buckingham Palace opens its doors this month – what to see

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is one of the most historic venues in London – a space where fans of the royal family can discover more about what makes royal life tick, and a place where a key part of the city's history comes to vivid life. The palace is opening for its summer season this month – but what can visitors hope to see on their trip?

Buckingham Palace State Rooms

As the Queen's official London residence, the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace are a decidedly luxurious affair, filled with some of the finest examples from the world of art, design and décor. The palace is used throughout the year as a space for major ceremonial events, including visits from neighbouring heads of state, and the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

For just 10 weeks every summer (20th July 2019 - 29th September 2019), visitors can get an insider look. This is perfect for summer guests to Montcalm hotels, with lots to see while you're there, including highlights such as:

The White Drawing Room

Many of the items you'll see in the White Drawing Room were designed to suit the personal taste of King George IV, as he commissioned several pieces during his reign. Key sights in this room include a roll-top desk designed by Riesener, in addition to a stunning piano provided for Queen Victoria's own piano lessons. This is one of the smaller rooms on snow, but nonetheless an impressive sight, with its golden adornments and white walls.

Throne Room

Amongst the most famous sights in the palace, the Throne Room will be recognisable to many from the various Royal portraits which have been created here. This room, arguably more than any other at the palace, helps to sum up the real pageantry for which the royals are so famed. It makes a fantastic place to explore while enjoying any one of our hotel packages in London.

Picture Gallery

This is where you will find a range of exhibitions spanning the extensive Royal Collection, which features both works from the old masters and a wide range of decorative pieces, as well as an enormous photograph collection.

The Ballroom

The ballroom at Buckingham Palace is an opulent affair, with plenty of space for ceremonial dinners. As an integral part of the state rooms, you'll soon be able to imagine yourself dining with some of the most powerful people in the world. Visitors are given an insider look at what it really takes to prepare the room for state occasions, providing plenty of food for thought during your stay at Montcalm hotels.

Palace Garden

The Buckingham Palace Gardens are no less impressive than the state rooms, and visitors can explore for themselves during their stay The gardens are approximately 42 acres, and have received a Grade II listing for their historical significance. The gardens are not normally open to the public, but during the summer season they provide lots of space to roam.