A complete guide to the Columbia Road Flower Market.

flower market

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When exploring the unique events and areas of this city, you must visit the ever blooming and blossoming Columbia Road Flower Market close to Old street hotels. Here’s full guide to explore this unique market.

What is this market all about?

The Columbia Road Flower Market takes place every Sunday in its designated East London street. Boasting of over 50 stalls and shops selling fresh flowers, plants, pots, seeds and more gardening accessories this market is unique and refreshing. This market has been taking place since the 17th century and has a glorious and colorful past since then. It was then a Saturday market which was moved to Sunday for the Jewish traders.

Things to look out for?

Of course you will find an extensive range of flowers, buds, plants, seeds and more here. But you will be surprised to discover a variety of great pubs, cafes and restaurants in this area too. One should try the handmade bagels at Cafe Columbia, which was one of the first cafes here. This street is reserved for independent sellers, so you can buy some unique things from here. The beauty of this places attracts many photographers and filmmakers here so be ready for some celebrity spotting here.

How to reach the market?

The Columbia Road Flower Market is in London’s E2 area. You can easily reach the market via Liverpool Street or Old Street tube station. The market is open only on Sundays from 8:00 am to 3:00pm. The traders arrive early at the venue to set up their stall or shop so you can start shopping from 7:00am onwards. The market opening times might differ in case of rain, snow or a bad weather condition and will be closed only if the 25th of December/Christmas falls on a Sunday.