Cool things to do in London

Boris Bike

A visit to London is always a thrilling experience. That is if the weather does not play spoil sport! It can be rather dreadful at times with the mercury sizzling at times and cold blustery weather at other parts of the day. However whatever be the climatic conditions London has some really cool things to do on a holiday in the city! A few interesting things to enjoy on your trip to London besides the regular sightseeing and shopping are:

Take a stroll around Westminster: The city of Westminster is London 101 certainly deserves being at the top! The place is synonymous with the parliamentary form of government; a system that dozens of nations along the world have adopted as their political system of governance. Westminster has been home to the British government for centuries. You could enjoy the view of the stunning and historical views of the Houses of Parliament, drop in at famous Westminster Abbey and trot along further to Buckingham Palace, where the legendary Changing of the Guard reflects the pomp and pageantry of the monarchy. If nothing else you could take a gingerly stroll along the banks of the Thames River and bask in the fresh air and pleasant atmosphere all around.

Hire a Boris Bike: While Boris Johnson may be idiosyncratic in his antics; he certainly came up with a brilliant scheme of bicycle sharing in London. There are numerous self-service locations all over the city where you can rent a bicycle with a credit card. These Boris Bikes are a cool way to travel all over the city, whether for short or long distances. A great place to cycle is Hyde Park, which offers a serene atmosphere and is ideal to cycle about and explore. You could hire a bike from Hyde Park Corner or Marble Arch and explore the many attractions in the area.

Take a tour of Hampstead: One of the coolest places to visit in West London is Hampstead, which offer a lovely vantage point above the Thames River valley. It has been home to numerous literary intellectuals and artists over the centuries and still continues to be. Explore its beautiful High Street and its very famous Hampstead Heath, which is a large green city park that is rated among the best of the city’s parks. You could choose to take a guided tour of the area and learn about its history and visit the many attractions to be found here.

Visit Brick Lane & Shoreditch: While West London is terrific so it East London! It is a place filled with cool clubs, lovely pubs, exciting markets and captivating street culture. For those who enjoy street art Brick lane features some of the best art created by the likes of Banksy, Ben Eine and ROA among others. Similarly the area of Shoreditch has some excellent street art worth exploring.