On any given month, you’ll find a number of fantastic exhibitions taking place in London. This month is no different and the city’s many exhibition venues have a stellar offering of cool, quirky and interesting events to explore. Whether an exhibition is running for a limited time only or is scheduled to run for a couple of months, they are always well worth checking out when you’re in the city. Here are some of the coolest exhibitions running in London this month, spanning from the high tech to fashion, art to musical icons.

Browse our top picks before you fill your schedule – each of these suggestions offer a fascinating way to pass a few hours during your stay at the Montcalm City Hall or any of our hotels in the city of London.


The Science Museum, until 3rd September 2017

‘Robots’ at The Science Museum explores the 500 year history of humanoid robots and delves deep into what it means to be human, from both an artistic and scientific viewpoint. There are five periods and places to check out and there’s over 100 robots on display, ranging from 16th century mechanical monk robots to those we are more familiar with today. Visitors can explore the collection and see some of the robots in action. The Science Museum is easy to get to from hotels in City of London and the Montcalm City Hotel.

Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait

Jewish Museum, 24th September 2017

As one of the most iconic musicians of the last decade, Amy Winehouse has developed a huge fan base even after her death. The Jewish Museum’s Amy Winehouse exhibition delves into the private life of the London native. Guests can check out her personal record collection, photographs and clothing. This exhibition is being held alongside an Amy Winehouse street art tour of Camden. Heading to Camden for this exhibition is a great reason to get out and about in London, and is easily reached on the Tube from our hotels in City of London and the Montcalm City Hotel.

Buckingham Palace Tour: Summer Opening

Buckingham Palace, until 1st October 2017

Every summer Buckingham Palace hosts a temporary exhibition inside the palace which allows visitors to gain an insight into life at the royal residence. At the ‘Summer Opening’ visitors can check out lavish state rooms, paintings by some of the world’s most famous artists and beautiful interiors.

Diana: Her Fashion Story

Kensington Palace, until February 2018

Princess Diana is an iconic part of London’s history and culture. For many years she was regarded as a fashion icon. So, it comes as no surprise that an exhibition that traces the evolution of her style and showcases a number of her garments would be such a hit. ‘Diana: Her Fashion Story’ showcases some of Princess Diana’s iconic outfits and many lesser seen pieces. The exhibition is on at Kensington Palace and will run until February 2018.