A Craft Beer Lover’s Guide to London


The craft beer market has exploded in the UK over the past few years, with London having several amazing craft beer breweries dotted all over the city offing an array of taste bud tingling beers to suit all tastes.

If you’re planning a getaway with friends and have a shared love of hoppy brews from artisan breweries and independent craft beer makers, then this guide is a must-read before heading off to the Montcalm Royal London City hotel. We have created it to give you a little inspiration on where to head first on your London craft beer adventure.


Any self-respecting craft beer fan will have heard of Brewdog and perhaps sampled some of their products, so instead of ordering your favourite brew online why not pay them a visit during your stay at our 5-star hotels?

Located in the Seven Dials area of London, Brewdog offers a sleek and comfortable bar area with plenty of all-time favourites and new IPAs and beers to choose from, so it’s well worth a visit. Just make sure you enjoy a good breakfast at one of the restaurants near Finsbury Square before you leave, as Brewdog also has a selection of double figured ABV tipples to try!

To get to Brewdog from the Montcalm Royal London City hotel, hop on the Tube at Liverpool Street station, and you'll be sampling some of the finest beers that this popular microbrewery has to offer in just over 20 minutes.


Located in the beautiful residential area of Pimlico, you could be forgiven for walking past the plain frontage of Cask without a second glance.

However, go inside and you'll find an oasis for craft beer lovers, with an amazing array of small London microbrewers’ products on offer either in a bottle or on tap. The selection of craft beers and IPAs changes on a regular basis so you never know what to expect, but you'll certainly be in good company as many craft beer experts who are in the know about where to go in London can often be found sampling some of Cask's latest arrivals.

Reaching Cask from our 5-star hotels in London is relatively straightforward thanks to the capital’s extensive underground train network. Get yourself to Moorgate station and jump on the Northern line – it will have you in central Pimlico in just under 40-minutes. From there, Cask is just a few minutes away on foot.

The Craft Beer Company

The area of Holburn in London is gaining something of a reputation as a popular haunt for craft beer lovers thanks to the number of microbreweries and craft beer pubs that seemingly pop up every week.

A firm favourite with visitors seeking locally brewed beers and locals alike, the Craft Beer Company is a classy yet not overly decorated venue  which has an incredible 36 beers to choose from at any one time.

The majority of these beers are sourced from artisan breweries here in the UK, but you can also wet your whistle with beers and IPAs from the USA, Belgium, Scandinavia and beyond if you prefer.

There is also a basic but quality snack menu of traditional British nibbles on offer, but if you're looking for something a little more substantial than beer nuts and slices of pork pie, then it's a good idea to head to one of the many restaurants near Finsbury Square for something to eat instead.

The best way of reaching Holborn from the Montcalm Royal London City hotel is by taking the Tube, so head to Liverpool Street station and take the Central Line. It will get you to the area in just 16 minutes. It is possible to walk to Holborn from our 5-stars hotels in London too, but after trying a few pints at the Craft Beer Company, it might be a better idea to take public transport or even a taxi as some of their drinks can be pretty potent!

The Hansom Cab

Once owned by newsreader and presenter, Piers Morgan, the Hansom Cab is a traditional London pub which oozes charm and character.

Small and intimate, the staff at this small pub are more than happy to chat to customers about the selection of craft beers available and readily offer free samples on all tap beers too. This is a great little spot if you’re seeking some expert craft beer knowledge.

Featuring a good selection of guest beers as well as firm favourites from Beavertown, West Coast Pale Ales and the Gloucester Brewery, the Hansom Cab also caters for those that aren’t overly keen on beer. It has a great wine list and selection of other soft and alcoholic drinks available.

To get to the Hansom Cab from our 5-star hotels in London, take the District Line from Epworth Street station, and you'll be sipping on some great quality beers in around 45 minutes.

The Crown & Shuttle

If you don’t want to stray too far from the Montcalm Royal London City hotel or just fancy a quick pint of award-winning craft beer, then the Crown & Shuttle is right up your street!

Located on Shoreditch high street, this traditional London pub is sleek and contemporary on the inside without losing its traditional pub charm.

But what really brings in the customers is the fantastic selection of on tap and bottle craft beers and IPAs from artisan brewers including the local BrewDog brewery, the Hackney Brewery and Fullers.

There is also a regular number of guest beers available to try during your visit and plenty of ciders, gins and fine wines should you fancy a change, but with some of the UK’s best beer products sold at this venue, it seems a shame not to try them all!

Remember, your hotel is just short walk away, so feel free to stay a little longer and drink in the atmosphere of the Crown & Shuttle before returning back to your room later on in the evening.