Enjoy a celebrity styled tour of London

Luxury Food London

London being truly a world-class city, it has everything that makes it the best! From the finest luxury hotels, to the trendiest restaurants, unbeatable shopping opportunities to the coolest nightclubs and bars, if you do feel like living it up celebrity style, there is no better place than London. It offers luxury and opulence in spades,  so if you are in the mood to indulge yourself, then these are just a few ways to holiday in London the way the stars do.

Book a dinner date at The Ivy Chelsea Garden: If you are seriously in to celeb-spotting then there is no better place than the Ivy Chelsea Garden!  This stylish and trendy eating joint has opened a number of outlets all over the city. Of course the newest and swankiest would be the Ivy Chelsea Garden. It offers visitors an unparalleled sense of opulence in its ambience, which can be found all over the place starting from its restaurant to its orangery and terrace. Try its fabulous truffle arancini, accompanied by a tipple or two of a Dr Martini, before you move to the next course of a finely grilled lobster that simply melts in your mouth. While there do not miss the Chicken Milanese which is a signature dish of the Ivy Chelsea. Just stay cool enjoy your drinks and fine food, while keeping an eye out for A-lister celebrities, who are bound to drop in!

Shop at Fortnum & Mason: If you feel like luxury shopping drop in at Fortnum & Mason’s food hall, which has a refined elegance that is unmatched. Whether you splurge of some of the finest rare teas, indulge yourself in spending on luxury chocolates or even decide to pick heritage marmalades, just remember the price is not to be considered! After all if you want to feel like a celebrity you need to spend like one as well! From the finest British culinary souvenirs to the most decadent imported snacks among an assortment of other delicacies, all can be found here!

Sample Caviar at 45 Jermyn Street: While you are in the mood to spend visit 45 Jermyn Street that lies in the centre of St. James. It is a very classy dinner spot, which is the creation of the same team of Fortnum & Mason. Begin with having a Beau Negroni at its decadent marble bar, before you decide to sample the exotic fare on offer. Before the terrific meal do not forget to enjoy some of the most delectable beluga caviar and the sumptuous ice cream for dessert!

Drink Cocktails at Dandelyan: Visit the Mandarin’s famous cocktail bar the Dandelyan, which was voted the 50th best of its kind in the world. It offers excellent views of the North Bank and some of the coolest cocktails that will have you in high spirits. That is a guarantee!