How to enjoy more of what you love while in London

London View

London is no doubt a fascinating city, attracting millions every year. But like any city holiday, you'll have to customise it to your preferences and inclinations if you want to get the best possible experience. It's no good going to an attraction just because it's popular. Rather, you should use your time to build your holiday around what YOU know you will find fantastic.

For some, museums aren't their cup of tea. So despite however many free museums, there are in the city, there's little use in going to more than one or two if you're not drawn to them – just because they're popular.

Ideally, what you'll want to do before you even arrive is to write up a list of the attractions that take your fancy. Then, you'll want to purchase a London Pass – which it makes it incredibly convenient most attractions in the city. Instead of paying for each attraction, you'll pay a one-time fee, and the city will become your playground. You'll be able to skip queues, find your way to your attractions easily (with the provided smartphone app), and save yourself from the hassle of not knowing what to do.

With a London Pass, experiencing the city becomes incredibly easy. And if you're wondering where to stay, consider the luxury hotels in London city. With the tourist nature of the city, demand for hotel reservations is always high, so you'll need to book well in advance. With that said, however, you might just realise that because of the growing number of hotels in the capital recently; you might be able to get a last minute deal.

Whatever you love to do back home, you'll likely find it here – albeit in its Londonesque variant. Whether it's food, parties, nature, activities, sporting events. And with the perfect underground transportation system and the Boris bikes, you'll find it quiet easy to have a thrilling experience in the city. So what are you waiting? Set your future arrival date, and book your stay at one of the luxury hotels in the city.