Exploring Food Culture at the V&A

Food Culture V&A london

London's fantastic foodie culture is world-famous – this is a city which loves to eat, and offers visitors plenty of variety in their dining choices when they arrive. A new exhibition at the V&A, Food: Bigger than the Plate, is helping to shed some light on the realities of the food system at every stage. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at the exhibit and tell you how to see it for yourself...

What is Food: Bigger than the Plate all about?

There's no escaping the importance of the food choices we all make – they can lead to either a more sustainable future, or catastrophic consequences for the planet as a whole. In this exhibition, all the dominant ideas about food culture are explored, including everything from the politics of the food industry through to the sheer enjoyment of a great meal, which is sure to resonate with foodie-minded visitors at Montcalm hotels London.

Highlights from the Exhibition

The exhibition features plenty of great highlights, including artworks from the world of food advertising which show how our concept of food production has changed over time, while other items show how recycling food waste can have great results, and should provide plenty of food for thought for those about to head off for a meal at Finsbury Square restaurants.

Other key items from the exhibition include an edible water bottle, images from an urban mushroom farm, and information on urban farm projects which are making major changes to the way we consume and approach food production. Elements to look out for include:

  • Fallen Fruit at the V&A

The art world has always been obsessed with food, and this part of the exhibition details this obsession in great detail, with Californian art collective Fallen Fruit creating a selection of unique artworks and stunning wallpaper designs which draw inspiration from the V&A's own extensive, broad-reaching selection of fruit-inspired artworks - and provide a stunning visual feast for visitors enjoying hotel packages in London.

  • A History of Food Posters

Food is a major theme throughout poster design's history, and food advertising has created some striking images which helped to showcase growing consumer choice whilst simultaneously boosting the profile of artistic techniques we now take for granted.

A vintage ad for Bovril dated from 1905 shows a considerably more relaxed approach to animal cruelty than many of us will be used to in the 21st century, while other stunning images from the late 19th century and turn of the 20th century demonstrate the start of culinary mass-production and heightened consumer choice.

How do I get tickets?

Tickets for the Food: Bigger than the Plate exhibition can be purchased online or at the venue on the day of your arrival. Advance booking is highly recommended, as V&A exhibitions tend to be very popular. The event runs from now until Sunday 20th October 2019.