Exploring the Freshest Street Art in Shoreditch

shoreditch street

Shoreditch is home to some of the finest street art in the world. Over the years, the area has attracted the brightest and best outsider and established street artists due to its modern, trend-friendly outlook. And the result is walls covered in amazing examples of all types of street art.

Read on to find out the best spots to see a Banksy or Ben Eine, and how you can see some of the best and freshest street anywhere in the world.

Great Eastern Street

Less than 10-minutes from our Montcalm Luxury London Hotel, Great Eastern Street is home to a great deal of street art and the creativity and skill on show is well worth checking out.

Look out for the two disused tube trains sitting atop now defunct businesses, which are all daubed with great examples of modern street art. There’s a mixture of typography art and intricate, insanely detailed pieces that will leave you very impressed.

Princelet Street

A short walk from our hotels in Liverpool Street London, Princelet Street is on the other side of Brick Lane Market and a good place to see a diverse range of pieces, including a contribution from famous street artist ‘Stik’.

Various disused doorways and frontages are the canvasses for a dazzling array of art styles, from the impressionistic to the cartoonish. There’s no shortage of talent on display here and the street feels like some kind of organic art gallery, all made by largely anonymous artists. It’s a real treat and a great place to find a diverse range of street art.

Fashion Street

Overflowing with street art, Fashion Street is probably one of the best places to get a comprehensive overview of sheer breadth of talent in the street art movement. You’re just as likely to find pieces featuring Batman as you are intricate pieces focusing on real people.

Best of all, it’s only 10-minutes from your Montcalm Luxury Hotel London, so it’s easy to get your fix of some of the best, most innovative street art in London.

Cargo Night Club

This location is home to a couple of pieces by none other than Banksy. Unlike some of his other work, this Rivington Street piece is protected and will not be removed.

The main work is Banksy’s usual satirical comment on British life, and is as well done as you might expect. Banksy is known for picking out of the way spots for some of his work and making your way to the back of Cargo Night Club feels like hunting for hidden treasure. It’s a ten-minute or so walk from our hotels on Liverpool Street London and worth the small effort to see the work of one of Britain’s most famous contemporary artists.

Shoreditch Street Art Tours

If you want to fit as much in as possible, Shoreditch Street Art Tours might be the thing for you.

Taking in all the different stripes of street art in the area, the tour was recently ranked #2 out of all London tours – high praise indeed. You’ll get to explore murals, portraits, abstract pieces and everything in between with your friendly, hugely informed guide. The tours have been going for over ten years now and it’s an unparalleled insight into London’s street art scene.