Exploring London’s Secret Gardens

Hampstead Pergola and Hill Garden in London

Spring is here and that means one thing - the summer months are just around the corner. If you’re taking advantage of London city hotel deals this summer it can feel like you’re surrounded by the urban landscape. Delve a little deeper into the heart of the city though and you’ll be surprised at the number of green spaces that litter the capital, including a few pretty hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.

If you want to get outdoors and be at one with nature during your star, there are plenty of options. Of course, you can head to one of the famous parks, such as Hyde Park or Regent’s Park or, you could explore any of these secret gardens…

1. Chelsea Physic Garden

This garden is like an oasis in London. Tucked away besides the Thames, there are more than 5,000 different plants to observe. Dating all the way back to the 1670s, there’s a history tour as you walk through the garden and lots of beautiful spaces to discover.

2. Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola

One of the hidden delights of Hampstead Heath is the Pergola. Overgrown with exotic flowers, this raised walkway blends grand architecture with nature seamlessly, bringing to mind extravagant garden parties from another era. Despite being in need of some restoration, the Pergola still has a charm and character that’s perfect for a summer stroll.

3. Postman’s Park

Open throughout the year and just around the corner from the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral lies Postman’s Park. This stunning shaded garden is also home to The Watts Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice, commemorating acts of bravery. Take in stories of heroic acts and the history of this secret garden as you escape the frenetic rush of London life.

4. Abney Park Cemetery

With an eerie quality, the Abney Park Cemetery is a secret garden with a difference. The nature reserve and woodland memorial park is utterly peaceful, with numerous statues and ancient gravestones nestled quietly among the trees and foliage.

5. Fenton House

The stunning 17th century Fenton House has its own walled garden, just one of a number of pleasant surprises you’ll find as you stroll its grands. Full of charm and atmosphere, this is a hidden gem owned by the National Trust and the perfect spot for summer stroll. The garden itself features manicured lawns, an orchard and vegetable garden.

6. Queen’s Wood

In the borough of Haringey, you’ll find the ancient woodland of Queen’s Wood. At a generous 52 acres, you can lose a whole afternoon wandering between the trees and taking in the sights and bird life. You may feel that you have left the city entirely but, it’s within easy reach of the capital.

7. Culpeper Community Garden

Designed to be a little oasis in the city, the Culpeper Community Garden certainly achieves that. Situated in Islington, this secret garden offers beautiful rose pergolas, ornamental beds, wildlife areas and plenty of seating to sit back and enjoy the view. It’s won a host of awards and visitors are invited to be part of the project.

If you’ve bagged one of our great value London city hotel deals, why not add a secret garden to your itinerary?