Exploring London’s Top Craft Breweries


There’s no better time to sample some homegrown London produce than when you’re ready for a pint. The Montcalm Hotel London is perfectly placed for exploring a city filled with breweries. In fact, any trip to London offers a great opportunity for beer connoisseurs to try something different thanks to a distinct London flavour and edge plus an almost constant crop of new craft outfits, limited brews and cool food trucks and dining venues popping up.

If you’re feeling thirsty, try one of our current favourites…

Camden Town Brewery

Perfectly capturing the hip nature of Camden, the Camden Town Brewery uses high tech equipment and a passion for beer to bring a pint that’s easy to drink. With the option of a brewery tour and its own bar, Camden Town Brewery offers more than just a drink. It’s already got a selection of great beers, from the crisp, classic Hells to the refreshing Gentleman’s Wit.

Howling Hops

Howling Hops has been brewing since 2011 and delivers an ever-changing range of beers, with a focus on bold, characterful flavours. Based in Hackney Wick, their brewpub looks fresh, modern and cuts out bottles, kegs, and pipes. Instead, the beer is poured directly from the tank, guaranteeing a fresh pint every time.

Big Smoke Brew Co

Brewing in the former stables at the back of the Antelope in Surbiton, the Big Smoke Brew produces flavourful and natural beer. The creative process means that almost every one of the Big Smoke’s seven beers are vegan friendly and the team are up for experimenting with flavours if you want to sample something different. While mostly sold on site, you can pick up a Big Smoke Brew at a few select locations around the capital.

Meantime Brewing Company

Having its own on-site shop, bar, and tour options shows just how large Meantime Brewing Company has become since launching in 2000. With a core range and limited edition beers to sample, you’re sure to find a Meantime that’s your perfect pint, from the classic London Larger or London Pale Ale to the brand’s Raspberry Wheat Beer and Winter Sun.

London Brewing Co

The London Brewing Company has been brewing in the capital since 2011 and has now opened brewpub, The Bohemia. Boasting a range of nine unique beers, the London Brewing Company is the perfect partner for a pint in the sun. As well as the usual beers, you’ll find Gigglemug, bursting with fruit aromas and Phuchsia, a twist on the traditional German Berliner Weisse.

Redchurch Brewery

Redchurch Brewery takes a simple approach to crafting exceptional beers. Effectively balancing British traditions and the American use of hops, it guarantees a great pint across East London. Following expansion, the Redchurch Brewery range has grown to include seven beers. Its taproom on Poyser Street has become a hub favoured by locals and out of town beer lovers alike.

Brew By Numbers

Brew By Numbers was set up with the aim of not only crafting new, exciting beers but ensuring they were drinkable too. So far, it’s a goal they’ve achieved with an approach that has seen the team developing new styles and adapting established favourites. Drawing inspiration from a range of places, this brewery’s huge range is numbered by style and recipe.

Beavertown Brewery

Beavertown Brewery’s drinkable core range and experimental offerings have cemented its reputation as one of the top London breweries. Combining British and American traditions, as well as borrowing techniques from across the world, Beavertown is well stocked in pubs across London.

Montcalm Hotel London is just a stone’s throw from the Tube, meaning that these eight top craft breweries are all easily accessible. Simply hop on and head to the pub or make a bee line for one of the breweries themselves.