Where to find local transport links during your stay at Montcalm Royal London City


Staying with us ensures you're never far from the events and attractions throughout the city, thanks to plentiful local transport links which will soon get you wherever you need to go. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at some of the key transport options right on your doorstep...

Underground Stations

Travelling by Tube is a popular option for both locals and London visitors alike, thanks to the speed and convenience the service offers. There are daily services across the city, and this extensive network ensures that wherever you need to go, you'll get there in good time.

Thankfully, there are several Tube stations close to your hotel in Finsbury Square, offering plenty of choice for guests. The key London Underground stations to look out for are Moorgate Tube Station, 4 minutes from the property, Old Street Tube Station, 6 minutes from the property, and Liverpool Street Tube Station, 7 minutes away from Finsbury Square. All three will help connect you to key areas throughout the city via the Circle, Hammersmith and City and Metropolitan lines.

Travelling by Bus

It's not only the tube which offers convenient transport while staying at the Montcalm Hotel London City. Visitors can also travel by bus. The city has a reliable bus system which spans both London and the surrounding area – and whilst the journey is likely to take longer than travelling by Tube, it is a way to see some of the sights along your trip as well as avoiding the crowds on the London Underground.

The bus service you choose depends on where you are travelling from. If you're heading to Finsbury Square from Hammersmith, then the No.9 and 76 buses are the best way to reach the destination. The journey takes around 50 minutes.

Overground Services

There are overground railway stations close to the Montcalm Hotel London City, including Shoreditch High Street Station, 7 minutes away from the property on foot. From here, you can connect with key local services and connections to further afield; the next station southbound on this railway line is Whitechapel. The station is also close to many great local venues for you to explore before travelling.

Taxi Services

Some London taxis are very distinctive looking, so travelling in a characteristic London cab might be an experience you want to tick off your bucket list. If so, you've come to the right place! As with the rest of London's transport system, there are many options to choose from if you opt for travelling by taxi during your stay in the local area. This is a great way to ensure you reach your destination without the need to change services, but it is often more expensive than using the Tube, train or bus. There are taxi ranks in the city, and you can also pre-book vehicles to ensure you get where you need to go quickly and simply.