Finsbury Circus – The History and Why You Need to Visit

Finsbury Circus

Finsbury Circus isn't just a beautiful green space nestled in the centre of London; it's also steeped in history, making it a great spot to visit for history and gardening fans alike.

Stay in one of our hotels near Finsbury Square London and discover a little piece of history surrounded by beautiful Georgian houses and wonderfully maintained gardens.

The Oldest Park in London

Finsbury Circus is home to the oldest park in London which dates back to 1606.

After the Romans had left London, culverts were blocked, and the area then became a fen located on moorland which was levelled. Elm trees and benches were introduced for the public to use.

Fast forward to 1815 when Charles Dance the Younger took it upon himself to landscape the gardens and introduced several more varieties of plants, trees and flowers. It’s then that the garden we all know and love today was born.

The garden hasn’t changed much since 1815 aside from receiving Grade II listed status, so head over from our Montcalm Royal London House hotel to enjoy a stroll amongst the beautifully maintained flower beds and Japanese Pagoda trees.

Lawn Bowls Club

Finsbury Circus has also been the home of a famous lawn bowls club since 1900. It is located near to the Endymion Road entrance to Finsbury Park, so it’s a must for any bowls enthusiast staying at our hotels near Finsbury Square London.

There’s also a picturesque boating lake located nearby if you want to try your hand at a peaceful afternoon sailing session during your stay in London.

Ball Games

Recently, Finsbury Circus has received an update with the addition of new basketball and badminton courts - both have proved popular with locals and visitors to London.

The new courts can be rented out by the hour, and it’s just a short stroll back to your room at the Montcalm Royal London House hotel if you want to get changed into something more suitable before hitting the courts for a spot of light-hearted competition.

An Unusual Event

One of the most unusual events to take part in London each year begins at Finsbury Circus in the third week of May. The Miglia Quadrato is an annual car treasure hunt where teams of treasure hunters travel around London's square mile to seek out clues hidden in the area.

The event was initially conceived in 1957 in response to fuel shortages that made car rallies less financially viable and today dozens of teams of up to six people flock to Finsbury Circus in a variety of different types of vehicle to take part.

The event has grown in popularity over the years and is a real spectacle for onlookers and a great opportunity for car and games enthusiasts to combine their hobbies. The annual treasure hunt is organised by United Hospitals and the University of London Motoring Club.