Galleries to Visit within Walking Distance of Finsbury Square

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There are more art galleries dotted around London than most people could visit in a month of dedicated art tourism. From the famous Tate Modern to smaller, more out of the way art repositories, there is no shortage of fodder for the art lover.

If you’re staying at our Montcalm Luxury Hotel London, there’s a healthy clutch of galleries within walking distance of your Finsbury Square location, so you can get your art fix and not have to go far. Let’s look at some of the best in the area.


Located on Curtain Road and 7-minute walk from your Montcalm Luxury Hotel London, Jealous deals in exhibitions of art from many modern, well-regarded names. Housed in a sixties brutalist building, Jealous is a vibrant and well-planned space that is chock-full of great art in a multitude of disciplines. It’s a very alive, welcoming place and has different featured artists throughout the year and there’s also a studio on-site that is always in use.

If you’re looking for something to take away, it also stocks featured prints from names like David Shrigley and Joss Fenn.

Modern Art

Wearing its identity on its sleeve, Modern Art is all about, you guessed it, modern art! The space is very minimal, but also light and airy, with spaces given over to special installations.

It’s a very cool, trendy art space and a million miles from wood panelled galleries and landscapes. Modern Art offers a space from cutting-edge art and features artists from around the world. It’s a great place to check out interesting and thought-provoking pieces from up-and-coming artists and only ten-minutes from your Montcalm London Luxury Hotel. Once you’ve absorbed what’s on offer, consider retiring to one of the Finsbury Square Restaurants nearby to contemplate what you’ve just seen. Or just for some nice food and a drink. Either is good.


Housed in an innocuous-looking store front, Arcade is a great hidden gallery right on Lever Street, just a 15-minute walk from your Montcalm London Luxury Hotel.

A nice, open space, the interior is deceptively large and home to a revolving programme of exhibitions and featured artists. It’s a very modern space – all concrete and white walls, and also home to art from a diverse range of contributors. It’s a great place to check out the UK art scene from the ground level and catch tomorrow’s big artists today.

Charlie Smith London

A great venue and featuring a very healthy roster of exhibitions and featured artists, Charlie Smith London is a perfect venue to take in a wide range of art – from sculpture to traditional media to installations – and it’s only ten minutes from the many Finsbury Square Restaurants, in case you get hungry after appreciating so much art.   

Running since 2009, Charlie Smith London has built a reputation as one of the best, smaller-scale galleries in the area and specialises in putting the focus on ‘mid-career emerging artists’ so your chances of seeing the next Damien Hirst are pretty good.