Get closer to nature in London City

London Sites to Visit For Any History Buff

As the UK’s biggest and most populated city, London isn’t somewhere you’d normally associate with nature. It can be hard to imagine green grass or natural woods when you look out over the city’s busy concrete skyline, but believe it or not, there are a number of places where you can escape the streets and get closer to nature. For anyone feeling blue who wants to see some green, you’ll be happy to hear that we’ve put together a helpful guide to help you find the hidden pockets of paradise dotted around London.

Richmond Park

This is one of London’s prized Royal Parks and has been providing walkers, bikers and nature lovers with a scenic escape for years. The beautiful open spaces will give you the breath of fresh air you’re looking for as you escape the busy streets of London. Animal lovers can find an abundance of natural wildlife including a variety of birds, squirrels and even deer. This is one of London’s biggest parks, so it’s perfect for an afternoon dedicated to exploring London’s secret gardens and getting lost in nature.

WWT Wetland Centre

This sanctuary is perfect for animal lovers visiting London who want to see more wildlife than just the residential pigeons. Voted the UK’s favourite nature reserve, this 15-acre animal paradise is a great place for kids to learn more about all kinds of different critters. The huge lakes are home to different type of water-based wildlife and the heated observatory is filled with an abundance of rare birds. The best part about the Wetland Centre is that if you time your trip right you can get in for free by joining one of the reserve’s daily guided tours.

The Phoenix Garden

If you’re exploring London’s secret gardens then you won’t want to miss out on this little green gem between Covent Garden and Tottenham Court Road. The natural haven is a perfect spot for afternoon tea or for reading your favourite book. Phoenix Garden was set up by locals and relies entirely on public donations to keep running. Sit and relax in the sun surrounded by beautiful roses, daisies and banana palms as you enjoy the peace and quiet that’s hard to find in such a busy city.

Italian Gardens

Near Lancaster gate, just down the road from one of our luxury Montcalm hotels London, you’ll find one of the city’s most beautifully quaint gardens. The 150 year old greenery is said to have been built by Prince Albert for his wife Queen Victoria. Enjoy a walk past the beautiful monuments in this historic water garden, featuring intricate stonework and gorgeous fountains. The surrounding area is covered with trees and grass, making it perfect if you’re looking to escape the bustle of the city streets.

Crossrail Roof Garden

Despite being one of the busiest place in London, Canary Wharf Crossrail Station houses a beautiful little escape for nature lovers. The hidden rooftop greenery is an amazing example of how nature and architecture can come together to create something unique. The latticed window design is a work of art that gives you the chance to look out over the city as you sit amongst wildflowers and enjoy a drink.