Going Underground: 5 Amazing Off-the-Grid Bars near Finsbury Square

Cocktail Bars

Anyone who has visited London a couple of times can tell you that the city can be a bit of a maze. The wonderful thing about London is that over the centuries, millions of people from all over the world have visited here and brought with them styles and fashions which have inspired entrepreneurs of the city to create some fabulous bars. Let’s explore some of those often-overlooked hidden gems.

The Bootlegger

The Bootlegger is so mysterious that its website homepage is simply comprised of coordinates. Inspired by the prohibition era ‘Speakeasy’ the Bootlegger carries its 1920’s theme through everything, from the uniforms of its highly skilled bartenders, to the tone of its social media, to its decor.

Just a 17-minute walk from our hotels near Finsbury Square London, the Bootlegger is a fantastic location for a cheeky Charleston and a glass of hooch.

The Jerusalem Tavern

Perfect if you’re looking for a more traditional pub feel with a historical, quirky twist, the Jerusalem Tavern dates back as far as the 1720s, and is bedecked in 18th century decor. From the outside it’s easy to tell that there’s a lot of history within the walls of this bar; it has even featured on shows on the History Channel.

The Jerusalem Tavern serves delectable fruit beers and ales as well as traditional pub food and is just a few Tube stops from our Montcalm luxury Hotel London.

Discount Suit Company

For a bar with ‘a whole lotta soul’ a must-visit watering hole just 10 minutes from our hotels near Finsbury Square London is the Discount Suit Company. This hidden gem is located next to the fashionable Petticoat Lane Market and is quite difficult to find - but well worth a look.

If you’re looking for top notch cocktails this is the place to visit, especially if exotic flavours and fantastical ingredients take your fancy.

Ruby’s Bar & Lounge

Possibly the worst kept ‘secret’ bar in London, Ruby’s of Dalston is located beneath the iconic cinema sign attached to a run-down 5 storey townhouse - a far cry from your Montcalm luxury hotel room. If the setting, vintage objet d’art, and odd, mismatched furniture aren’t enough to make you feel transported to another world, the drinks will.

Strong and daring cocktail flavours are served in a hodgepodge of glittering crystal glasses. Absolutely nothing matches; absolutely everything is charming.

By Appointment Only

Finally, just a quick walk from our hotels near Finsbury Square London lies By Appointment Only, one of the city’s most hidden and unique bars. It lives up to its name; you can only visit this, one of London’s smallest bars by booking exclusively on Friday evenings 5pm -12am.

The building in which it stands only accommodates 150 people at a time and was a luxurious Turkish bath when it was first built in 1895. It can be booked for special parties but of course, by appointment only.