Your Guide to the Best Cocktails in Shoreditch


Shoreditch is synonymous with fantastic nightlife, and the streets are packed with some of the best cocktail bars not just in the city, but the country. Shoreditch has a tradition of shirking the mainstream, the humdrum and the everyday, choosing instead to offer experiences that are completely unique - and that also applies to their bars.

Shoreditch can be easily reached on foot from the Montcalm Hotel, London, which makes it the perfect place to spend a night out. It’s always been a popular place for students, artists and those who choose a bohemian lifestyle, so it’s only fitting that a range of prices are on offer. If you’re sampling of some of your favourite London hotels special offers, a night out in Shoreditch is perfect for you.

Cosy hideaway

The Montcalm Hotel in London is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a romantic getaway, and the perfect romantic weekend away calls for a cosy place to drink your cocktails. Happiness Forgets is one of London’s most celebrated cocktail bars, and is perfect for an intimate drink. The cocktails are high end, but make sure you book, as this hideaway is on the smaller side.

What to sample: For creamy, sweet indulgence try the Corner Shop Flip with Genever mixed with flavours of rose, peach and vanilla and shaken with a whole egg until light and frothy.

Swinging speakeasy

The roaring 20s are alive and well at NightJar, whose cocktails aren’t just inspired by flavours and contemporary fashions, but rather periods in history. Patrons of NightJar can choose from pre-prohibition era cocktails to post-war and right up to the modern day; and their fun, interactive website gives an indication of the bar’s atmosphere.

What to sample: Try ‘Beyond the Sea’ for a delectable gin cocktail shaken with oyster leaf, grapefruit juice, sherry and to discover what ‘plankton air’ is.

Curious concoctions

In the east side of Shoreditch you’ll find the Looking Glass Cocktail Club and discover the place ‘where creativity and eccentricity meet’. With quirky decor, an airy, relaxed atmosphere and the possibility of live music and entertainment, there’s plenty to keep you in your seat at the Looking Glass Cocktail Club.

Just a 15 minute walk from the Montcalm Hotel in London, you’ll be able to enjoy their eclectic cocktails - which come from every era from the 1990s to BC - until as late as 3am on Saturdays. If you’ve made the most of the London hotels’ special offers this is the perfect place to go if you want to spend that little bit extra on something special.

What to sample: there are many cocktails on the menu which look intriguing, but Hathor - inspired by flavours from more than 2000 years ago - looks like a must-try, with spirits blended with sweet vermouth and pomegranate liqueur that’s been aged in a terracotta amphora for 1 month and served with a dried caramalised apple.