Your Guide to Finsbury Circus

finsbruy circus

London is a city of surprises, and whenever you feel like you know about everything it has to offer, it shows you something new. As one of the greenest capital cities in the world, that means that there are lots of hidden greens and other gems about the place – and Finsbury Circus is one of them.

Sitting right in the heart of the plush Finsbury area, Finsbury Circus is an oasis of calm from the surrounding city and a real treasure of the area. And, even better, its close by to your room at The Montcalm London.

The History

Once upon a time – back in the early 1600s to be exact - the area of Finsbury was called Moor Fields, and it was London’s first ever public park. The 2,250 square metres of Finsbury Circus is what remains of that once vast green space, but things have, understandably, changed since its original incarnation.

The current layout and design of Finsbury Circus date back to 1815, when Charles Dance the Younger made his mark on the area. He decided to update and rejuvenate the neighbourhood with a manicure, creating a stunning space that would provide some respite from the hurly-burly of the city. And that’s just what people use Finsbury Circus for today. Before the turn of the twentieth century, the park was only for the use of those well-to-do families who lived in the surrounding homes. At the time, these homeowners feared public use would lead to rowdiness and a drop in their property values!

Some of the trees on-site are over two hundred years old and date back to the plans of Dance himself. Consequently, a visit to Finsbury Circus isn’t just about seeing a beautiful park – it’s also a window into London’s past. Staying in any of the hotels near Old Street Station, you’re ideally situated to take advantage of Finsbury Circus.

What to See & Do

If you’re in the city and need to get away from it all – or if you fancy a picnic in beautiful surroundings – Finsbury Circus is the ideal spot. Only a short hop from The Montcalm London, you’re ideally placed to make the most of this beautiful location.

The park is very well-maintained and puts many larger, more well-known spaces to shame. The immediate surroundings also don’t harm the calm, serene feeling of Finsbury Circus, with listed Georgian Mansions ringing the whole thing. The park itself is a Grade II Listed space, and a visit almost feels like stepping back a couple of hundred years. Keep your eyes peeled for the resident Pagoda tree – imported from Japan decades ago and which is the only tree of its kind in all of London.

When you visit Finsbury Circus, you are experiencing one of the hidden gems of London. Other parks might be more well-known or more prominent, but few can match the tranquillity and calmness of this very old, stunning space.