Haunted London

st paul's cathedral

As one of the world’s oldest cities, London is the setting for many myths, urban legends and ghost stories. Fans of the supernatural and ghost hunters from all over the country journey to the capital every day in hopes of seeing first-hand some kind of paranormal activity.

There are countless secret spots and locations to be found in reach of the Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch, so we’ve put together a guide that will help you hunt down the ghosts of London.

Bank Tube Station

This supposedly haunted spot is well known by locals due to the disturbing story behind it. The legend states that decades ago, Sarah Whitehead, or ‘The Black Nun’, went mad after the hanging of her brother. It’s said that she visited the Bank of England every day asking to see her brother. According to locals her spirit still roams the Tube station at night, knocking on walls and doors in search of him. There have been a number of sightings, including reports by Tube staff who’ve claimed to have seen her on multiple occasions after closing time.

Theatre Royal Drury Lane

This historic venue is said to be the home of multiple paranormal prisoners. It’s believed that a number of accidental deaths may have occurred throughout the theatres history, after performances had gone drastically wrong. Audience members and staff have reported seeing ‘The Man in Grey’ who apparently appears from the walls only to terrify spectators and then melt away. The local myth states that he only appears just before a good run, so you should be in for a great show if you happen to spot him. Joseph Grimaldi is another ghostly resident of Drury Lane. After dying in 1837, the famous clown has hung around to give performers and staff members an occasional kick from behind.

Highgate Cemetery

Home to over 170,000 departed residents, this is one of the many magnificent cemeteries of London. The historic location is a Grade 1 listed site, with hundreds of monuments and shrines dotted throughout the grounds. There are myths that describe secret cult rituals taking place in Highgate Cemetery. There have been countless reports of ghost sightings, with one man collapsing in fear at what was described as an apparition with glowing red eyes.

St Bart’s Hospital

The idea of a haunted elevator may not sound too scary but this ghoulish lift has terrified a number of doctors and staff members at one of London’s oldest hospital, St Bartholomew. The lift is said to be haunted by a nurse that was murdered by a patient centuries ago. A number of staff members have reported the same series of events involving the ‘Coffin Lift’, which has been known to take passengers down to the basement regardless of what button they press. The lift then shuts down, forcing the person to manually open the gate and escape up the stairs. The lift can then be found on the upper floor with its gates open, silently waiting.