A hipster’s guide to Shoreditch


Hipsters get a bit of a bad name, but there’s nothing wrong with growing a beard, wearing all checks and thick glasses, drinking at independent coffee shops and trying new things. In fact, even if you’re not normally the kind of person who jumps at that kind of thing, you’ll probably find it fun for an afternoon or even a day.

Shoreditch has become a place where the hipsters gather, but they often know the best places to go for decent coffee, a good sandwich, or where to find the coolest record shop.

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium

Calling all cat lovers! The concept of Lady Dinah’s is simple. Pay a small fee towards the upkeep of the cats, and settle into this cosy café where you can enjoy coffee and cake while cats wander around the building and play. If you miss a cat sleeping on your knee as you sip tea, or feel intensely soothed by stroking a cat and having it purr, this is the place for you. You can even adopt some of the cats to take them home—although maybe don’t do that on the day if you’re staying at the Montcalm Hotel of Shoreditch.

Shoreditch Grind

Shoreditch Grind is an independent café that’s become something of a Shoreditch landmark. Easily recognisable from its backlit sign that changes regularly to ever-increasing puns and witticisms, they can boast a recording studio as well as a kitchen, keeping Shoreditch locals and those staying at hotels in Shoreditch to 18 hours of coffee, food and cocktails per day.

London Fields BBQ Area

When not many parks in London allow you to have an open flame or cook anything, London Fields, just outside Shoreditch, is an exception. This park has its own dedicated barbeque area, so if you fancy making burgers for dinner, leave your hotels in Shoreditch and go down to the park.


LN-CC is a clothing shop with a difference; it doesn’t describe itself as a shop. Instead, it’s an “evolving platform of curated ideas”, and also a nightclub. It can be found down a sloped alleyway in Dalston near Shoreditch, and customers often need to make an appointment to be seen. However, it’s one of the most exclusive shopping experiences you’ll ever have. They warn customers that not everything available on the website will be found instore, but with such an astonishing space, will customers mind?

BOXPARK Shoreditch

BOXPARK is a shopping centre made out of shipping containers. These stores are tiny, but they’re perfect for boutique creators—whether they’re creative perfumers or fashion brands that are just starting out. There are also a host of places to eat and drink, although seating might be limited. BOXPARK also doubles as a performance venue, having given a platform to singers, DJS, musicians, spoken word performers and other artists.

One of the big draws of BOXPARK is that you never know what’s going to be there, as brands pack up or move around frequently.