Hunting for gadgets in London


James Bond made London his home base, and that wasn’t just because of the architecture. It’s also the home of Q, the gadget genius who made each of Bond’s daring escapes go off without a hitch because there was some kind of clever pen that was really a gun concealed in his waistcoat pocket.

Gadget hunters in London should know that there are plenty of places to go to find their own kind of James Bond-style gear, whether they’re based in hotels in Shoreditch or staying on the other side of the river.

RED5 Hamleys

Hamleys is London’s most famous toy shop, but it suits all kinds of kids—from big to little. It’s not just toy dolls, teddy bears and water pistols; tucked away underneath all the children’s toys you can find gadgets galore.

Just a short trip away from The Montcalm London City lies the basement floor of RED5, a gadget shop filled with goodies. Whether you’re after a flying camera or a quadcopter, you’ll have plenty of chance to see it in action as staff expertly pilot them around your head.

Technology gifts RED5 can boast include speakers, instant phone camera printers, VR headsets and more.


Spymaster is the grand old man of gadget shops in London, having been around since 1991. It’s a shop for the more serious gadget aficionado, with technology so sensitive that they don’t have an online shop in case competitors get their hands on them.

They have several shops in London, from their dedicated shop in Portman Square as well as departments in Selfridges and Harrods. Even if you don’t buy anything, it’s a fantastic way of testing your spy credentials as you browse through equipment and can figure out what it’s for before you look at the label!


Located very close to The Montcalm London City, Luckies in Shoreditch ha a fantastic range of gadgets—from smartphone projectors to oversized pencils that are really piping bags. It’s not just the typical spy gadgets you’d see in a James Bond movie, but things to make everyone’s life a little more fun.

Kids will love the rechargeable milk bottle light, and anyone who needs to get their hair out of their face will be a fan of the Clippa Mini Tools Clip, a hairgrip that doubles as a toolkit. It’s got a wrench and screwdriver inside, a trolley coin, a ruler and a cutting edge all in one!


Oxo Tower and Westfield both host a SUCK UK gift shop, where you can find unusual and beautiful things to keep for yourself or give away as gifts. Whether you want a mini Las Vegas sign to perch on top of your burger or bottle, a magical umbrella that changes pattern as it rains, a jetpack backpack or a headphone splitter so you and a friend can listen to the same tunes together, SUCK UK have you covered.

This will be a favourite with kids and anyone who likes the more unusual kind of gadget!