The most iconic clubs in London


Londoners are known for their love of nightlife, so there’s plenty of iconic clubs for you to uncover on your next visit.

Here are a few of the very best...


Canada Water

Situated only a few minutes away from a train station, Printworks draws in large crowds to its premises, which are large enough to hold some 3000 people on a busy night. The club includes no less than six event spaces, each of which are designed to cater to a different musical genre.

In fact, Printworks is about a lot more than just music. The venue also hosts everything from classical performances to art shows, dining evenings and small indie gigs. However, the primary focus of Printworks remains strongly oriented around clubbing, which takes place in the largest of the rooms.

Here you can enjoy DJ sets and special music nights, with live performances each week and a healthy series of electronica ideal for fans of great music staying at 5 star hotels in London.



Since It was founded back in 2010, XOYO has developed a strong following as one of the best places in London for both gigs and clubbing.

It’s already hosted some of the most talented performers and producers, and ever since 2014 XOYO has been home to a regular series of residencies which bring together the greatest DJs to create extra-memorable Saturday evenings.

In addition, this is a great place to see up and coming singer-songwriters as they perform new material, as well as joining in with a party atmosphere alongside scores of equally hip party goers. Instead of focusing on the genre of music they host, XOYO has shown a dedication to instead ensuring the music performed here is of the best quality. This is an attitude which seems to have served them well, securing plenty of acclaim in both London and further afield.


Farrington & Smithfield

Arguably the most iconic of all London clubs, Fabric has a history which dates back more than 16 years. It has been synonymous with the UK’s electronic dance music scene ever since it was first founded, and continues to hold the prestigious (albeit unofficial) title of the best electronica club in the country.

Part of the appeal is its unique location. Situated on the site of a former meatpacking factory, the club has three rooms which come alive at the weekend with great music and eager club goers.  Each day of the weekend brings something a little different.

FabricLive takes place on Fridays, and focuses largely on drum ‘n’ bass music. Saturdays are predominantly reserved for the resident DJs at Fabric, as well as some of the top names in the industry who drop in from time to time.

Sunday is just as action packed, with everything from disco to techno being offered to revellers enjoying the latest London hotel deals.

Prince of Wales


This South London favourite is popular with local party goers, partly because it comprised so many different event spaces. Part club, part pub, part restaurant – it even has its own roof terrace where you can admire the views while on a night out.

The club has become a favoured haunt during the summer months thanks to its plentiful outdoor space, ensuring that there’re lots for everyone to enjoy about this royally-named venue.

The Nest


Clubbing doesn’t get much better than The Nest, a Dalston favourite which has established itself firmly as a place where the underground scene can really thrive. It is inspired in part by the underground vaults in Berlin, where music was also allowed to thrive – and proves to be a suitably atmospheric place to see something truly special.

Ideal for music fans with limited inhibitions, on your visit here you’ll soon discover why The Nest has such a favourable reputation with lovers of great music and a great time.



This club is a relatively new addition to the London nightlife scene, but Omeara is nonetheless already making its mark. Home to two rooms which include a splendidly arched central room, Omeara includes plentiful exposed brick and a bar room which also offers a range of elegant club nights.

It doesn’t have as large a capacity as some of the other venues on this list, but it really is one of the best places to enjoy a night out while staying at the Montcalm London, as well as a club which is on the rise.

Jazz Cafe


Favoured with fans of jazz and also those who are just looking for a unique night out, the Jazz Cafe is a real Camden legend.

It was refurbished by its new owners a short while ago and now includes plenty of room for you to dance and listen to great music. This sets the space apart from some of the more conventional jazz night venues, ensuring that there’s nothing navel-gazing about a night out here.

If you’re in the mood for offbeat tracks, good company and low-key yet refined surroundings, then the Jazz Cafe might just be the perfect intimate space to listen to your favourite tracks – or even find a few new ones you’ll love.

Corsica Studios

Elephant and Castle

Corsica Studios looks unassuming from the outside, but when you step through the doors it’s hard not to be dazzled by this fantastic venue. It’s low on decoration and high on talent, attracting true music fans and acts who know they’ll be in good company when performing.

In addition, Corsica Studios is run on a not-for-profit basis, purely for the love of creativity. This helps ensure that everyone there is taking part due to their true love of music.

The Moth Club


Once a gentleman’s club, The Moth Club has undergone a mild renovation yet retained much of its original charm and appearance. What it has mainly done is add plentiful helpings of glitter and good vibes. This helps to create a welcoming atmosphere which draws in huge crowds.

As an added bonus, The Moth Club is known for its generous drinks, which are particularly enormous and dramatic.