Some interesting adventures in London

Oxford Street

While there are thousands of things to do and experience in London, narrowing it down to a select few can be a bit of a challenge. Whatever your area of interest or passion, you can be sure to be able to fulfil it in this magical city. Whether you do alone or with a companion there are endless places to visit and adventures to be part of in this stunning metropolis.

The first thing to choose when planning a holiday in the city is a hotel that is suitably located. There are plenty of hotels near London city airport, which are conveniently located and well connected to the city.

One such option is the Montcalm Royal London City hotel that offers the best of boutique comforts and is a popular choice among business travellers to the city. Some interesting albeit unusual things to be up to when in London are:

Look for a bargain:  London while being very expensive also has markets and outlets that offer some great festive season discounts and special offers. For those who plan a trip to East London, Hackney Walk is a relatively designer shop to be found in the area. While it may not be quite like its better known counterparts in Oxford or Bond Streets , the plus point is it is not over flowing with tourists and getting there is pretty convenient. While there some of the places to shop at are Anya Hindmarch, Burberry and Nike stores, apart from pop-up shops that exhibit creations from new and upcoming local talent.

Go on a self-guided tour: With smart apps being all the rage, thankfully they are great to use when in a city as large and diverse as London.  Download any of the latest free, London smart-phone apps which offer plenty of options in choosing a variety of self-guided walking tours around all the corners of the city including prominent areas like South Bank along the Thames, Hammersmith Bridge and the East End to name just a few spots.

Visit the flower market: One of the biggest and best flower markets in Europe, Columbia Road is the venue where you will find the best and most exotic flower market. Whether you are passionate about flowers or just keen for a great photo-opportunity this is the place to explore at leisure. And there are some terrific deals to be had with a wide variety of fresh flowers that can be picked up at a fraction of the price at the supermarket or a florist’s shop.

Visit Soho’s unique art gallery: One of the most unique one of a kind art gallery is to be found at Soho. Lights of Soho is the only light art gallery to be found in the city and is located in an area that is dotted with neon lights. It features some terrific light based art themes with creations by Chris Bracey and Tracey Emin among others. The only catch is to hop along before 6pm on any week day, as access is only permitted to members after that time.

Visit the Wellcome Collection: Another one of the more unique museums to be found in the city of London is the Wellcome Collection known for its diverse collection of oddities that are one of a kind. It is home to some of the strangest artefact and medical paraphernalia and replete it trivia and unusual facts, which makes it a great place to visit. And there is no admission fee as well!

Drop in at the Bank of England museum:  For those who are passionate about all things to do with finance what could be better than a visit to a museum dedicated to one of the biggest and most famous banks in the world. This is no ordinary run of the mill museum as it is the Bank of England museum. It opens only on week days from 9am to 5pm and is an interesting and informative place to spend an afternoon at.

Experience life on a city farm: For all those city slickers who relish the thought of spending time on a countryside farm, London has just the answer. There are a slew of city farms with some being pretty conveniently located on the outskirts or even closer to the city. Here, visitors will find plenty of animals that belong to rare breeds and of course lots of domestic animals in a rustic yet charming countryside atmosphere. A nice way to spend a city break and the kids will certainly enjoy a visit to a city farm.

Spend a day at Alexandra Palace:  Alexandra Palace offers visitors plenty of interesting things to do which range from pedalos to pitch ‘n’ putt.  For the more physically active a visit to the ice-rink would be a good way to get the adrenaline pumping. Or if you want to do something more sedate just grab a jug of Pimm’s and take in the breathtaking views.