Keeping Your Energy Up Whilst Working From Home

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It’s been a tough few months for everyone across the world. With COVID 19 forcing many of us to rethink careers, lives and daily routines, it’s unsurprising that mental health and productivity have been flagging over the last half a year. Work hours are falling rapidly, strictly regimented personal hygiene for restaurant service staff is more vital than ever, second jobs are becoming increasingly prevalent and many people’s careers hang in the balance of government grants and furlough schemes. It’s safe to say then, that our being a “little distracted” from our work right now is just the tip of the iceberg.

But with many of us having to power through and continue our jobs in new settings and under strictly regimented  COVID 19 focussed guidelines, now is a better time than any to take a stock check on our work habits. Some companies have started opening up socially distanced office spaces again, and customer-facing workers such as the staff of the Montcalm hotels have started working under the Montcalm care protocol, sparking the beginning of a new normal across the country.

These changes have affected everyone, which is why schemes like the Office In The Heart Of London Package introduced by the Montcalm Hotel are so important. With new regulations comes lateral thinking, and the Office In The Heart of London package allows for you to work or study in a socially distanced, sanitised space right in the centre of the UK capital. But even positive changes and shifts like this can leave you feeling unsettled, which is why taking back control of your own productivity and working habits is so important. Whether you’re working from home or finding a new office space in the coming months, these tips will help you to regain control of your working hours. 

Positive Starts and Morning Routines

Starting your day with something you enjoy is always a great way to instil positivity into the rest of it. Whether it’s a healthy, tasty breakfast, a dose of yoga or a relaxing cleanliness routine, kicking off your day with something that makes you happy will undoubtedly make you more productive. If you happen to be staying at the Montcalm Hotel Finsbury Square London, this will be easier than ever, what with our all-inclusive breakfasts, deluxe bath and shower gels, and our accommodations reinvigorating atmosphere.

Start With The Tricky Things

This might be intuitive for many at-home workers, or for the more avoidant among us it could be difficult, but starting your day with the most difficult tasks will give you something to look forward to later on. This is especially helpful when paired with the last tip. Starting your morning with positivity will fuel you through those more difficult tasks.

Keep Mobile Where Possible

Whether with regular walking or stretching breaks or simply changing your workspace, shifting your environment can help refresh your mindset. Not everyone has space in their homes to do this, so try to take a walking break every few hours to ensure that you are not only keeping energised but fit as well.

Take Your Breaks In Their Entirety

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean that you’re not working hard. Many people take shorter breaks when working from home because they see themselves as having a slightly more luxurious working day. Whilst the rush hour commute may be a thing fo the past, it’s not like we aren’t working. Make sure that you are taking the rest you need during working hours, if not for your own mental health then for increased productivity.

Establish Working Boundaries With The People You Live

We’re not talking about social distancing, or indeed maintaining your own room sanitising service; after all, co-habiting with others will automatically develop into your own COVID 19 protective sphere. What we mean by boundaries is the divide between recreation and work. Whether you’re sharing an at-home workspace with your partner or friends, or you’re in separate rooms, make sure to keep your socialising time to dedicated periods so as to avoid a distracting overlap. 

Dedicated Office And Leisure Spaces

The same goes for office and leisure space. Studies have shown that those who work from their sleeping space or bedroom find it more difficult to rest well at night. Work from home with Montcalm offers can give you designated workspaces that allow you to widen the divide between work and leisure. In the long run, this separation will keep you focussed and engaged throughout the day, and help you maintain a healthy sleeping routine.