London City’s best bakeries


The City of London is known for many things, from its bustling business district to its high-end eateries and luxury shopping centres. Something that many people might not immediately associate with London is great pastries and baked food. Small bakeries are often overshadowed by the world-class restaurants dotted around London, but the city is home to some of the best bakeries in the country. There’s nothing better than a warm pastry or sweet treat with a hot drink, and the bakeries in this helpful guide are where you’ll find some of the very best baked snacks.

Hummingbird Bakery

This vibrant cake specialist has become a staple on the London bakery scene and offers an authentic taste of British Food with an eclectic twist. What started out as a modest cupcake vendor has become one of the most colourful and innovative bakeries in London. The cupcakes at Hummingbird Bakery are nothing short of amazing, with everything from simplistic icing designs to complex chocolate-filled works of art. Whether you like the bittersweet taste of salted caramel or the fanciful design of a rainbow cake, the culinary artists at Hummingbird Bakery are sure to have something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Beigel Bake

Bagels have hopped across the pond and taken the British food scene by storm in recent years, with new brands popping up on supermarket shelves every day. The baked dough rings are what inspired this family-run bakery to open its doors in 1977. The traditional Jewish bakery has kept foodies coming back day after day with its authentic, freshly baked bagels. Head to Brick Lane and you’ll be taken back by the ceiling-high shelves packed full of freshly made bagels. Choose from a variety of different fillings including the bakery’s signature salt beef or crème cheese and salmon.

Rinkoff Bakery

Do you prefer an authentic French croissant or a classic American doughnut? At Rinkoff bakery you don’t need to choose thanks to their ingenious combination of the two delicious teats. Crodough is a culinary craze that’s gained popularity over the last few years, with bakery brands everywhere offering their own unique take on the sugary hybrid. Rinkoff Bakery has become the go-to place for ringed pastry treats thanks to their creative concoctions such as apple pie and Oreo cookie.

Ararat Bread

For years this Ridley Road bakery has been providing locals with an authentic taste of British food, with an Asian-inspired twist. Locals have taken to queuing up for one of Ararat Bread’s delicious cheese naans since it first opened up. The opening times often run from morning to morning, which is perfect if you’re looking for a warm breakfast snack or something to fill your stomach after a big night out.

Maitre Choux

The award-winning chef, Joakim Prat recently opened his very own patisserie and has been creating works of culinary art ever since. Prat is a French pastry expert that has worked for some of the most renowned eateries in the world including a number of high-end restaurants near Finsbury Square. The high-end bakery specialises in hand-crafted custom choux buns. Maitre Choux makes food so beautiful that you almost feel bad for eating it. The patisserie is a visual paradise for photographers and Instagram users, thanks to its immaculate presentation of colourful treats.