London For The COVID-Cautious

London For The COVID-Cautious

London is  one of the best cities in the world for holidays, even during COVID restrictions. With its many outdoor activities, landmarks and a sprawling expanse of 1500 square kilometres, the city of London and its many attractions are one of the top tourist destinations in the world, seeing tourists, business travellers at meeting & conference centres venues in London and many other visitors descend upon the city every week. 

As it stands, England is set to dismantle many of its compulsory COVID regulations within the next month, meaning that quarantines, social distancing and many other restrictions will no longer be compulsory. That doesn’t mean that the city of London will see all restrictions disappear completely, the high rates of infection still remain even though hospitalisations have decreased thanks to the vaccination programme protecting almost 91% of the population with at least one dose. That being said, guests at venues like Finsbury Square restaurants will still keep their hand sanitisation stations, just for peace of mind.

And peace of mind is the key here. Guests at the Montcalm Royal London House will want to rest assured that their accommodation has done everything they can to lessen the potential of catching the virus. Whilst some may be happy in crowds and enclosed spaces due to their confidence in the vaccine, other people may still want to be cautious during their visit to London, especially when restrictions are cut. 

This blog will outline some of the best activities that Hotel Montcalm London City guests who want to remain cautious on their visit can enjoy worry free. From outdoor activities to redesigned indoor spaces, it never hurts to keep vigilant during your stay. 

London’s Cycling Superhighway

Over the last 12 years, the London Cycling Superhighway, as it was officially called, has developed an extensive network of cycling paths crisscrossing and connecting the city, making it easier than ever to explore further out without having to use public transport or cars. This has meant that emissions have been lowered in the city and is of course, a great way to see the sights and sounds of London during a first time visit - if you can cycle that is! 

The cycling superhighway is even more accessible to tourists who may not own a bike, or indeed have one in London, thanks to the public transport system of santander Cycles. Introduced when Boris Johnson was mayor of London, the Santander Cycle, or Boris Bike as it was once known, are cheap to rent city bikes that are available from docking stations located in and around the city centre. 

London’s Royal Parks

There are 8 royal parks in London, each bringing a unique insight into the history of the city and its many monarchs. Indeed, all of these parks are deemed “royal” due to their associations with former kings and queens of the country, either originally acting as royal gardens or hunting grounds. 

Aside from the central four - Green Park, St James’s Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, the others are located in different parts of the city, some being far flung to the outer reaches of West London. Each though, comes with its own story, it’s own set of stand out attributes and plenty of walking space. Whether a city centre stroll or a rural rendezvous with semi wild deer, there’s plenty to enjoy in the fresh air of London’s royal parks.

Standouts and must-visits for first timers in London include Greenwich Park with its Thameside views and astronomy, science and maritime travel museums, as well as the highly popular and jam packed Hyde Park, which includes the Serpentine Lake and Serpentine Art Gallery. 

Open Air Theatre And Performance

London’s many West End and fringe theatres are well-known for producing some of the best known plays, stand-up comedy acts and live performances in the world, often seeing transfers to other countries and adaptations to screen. Over the COVID pandemic, many theatres have suffered greatly due to the lack of footfall caused by restrictions, and whilst many still implement mask-wearing rules within their buildings, those who would like to stay extra safe during their visit can still enjoy a wealth of live performance choices. 

These include the Vauxhall Beer and Food Garden, located just a stone’s throw from Vauxhall Station that hosts Friday evening bottomless drink ticketed comedy lineups as well as musical acts and cabaret. For a more theatre-centric outdoor slice of entertainment, the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre and Shakespeare’s very own Globe Theatre make up some of the open air, truly British entertainment nights that you can enjoy. If you’re strapped for cash though, you can simply head out to the streets of Covent Garden or the South Bank and watch some of the highly talented buskers who frequent the high streets. 

Botanic Gardens Of London

London’s botanic gardens might appear on the surface to be an extension of the royal parks, but other than the Isabella Plantation situated in the heart of Richmond Park, the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew and the Chelsea Physic Garden offer a different shade of nature, combining vibrant colours and exotic plants in some of the largest flora collections in the world. 

Walking Tours Of The City

Whether it be a Jack The Ripper Tour or an exploration of Shoreditch street art, the many walking tours of London give you a way to learn more about the city’s history, art and architecture without having to enter a confined space. For those who are less equipped to walk long distances, the open top bus tours of famous landmarks embarks from Victoria Station and offers a whistle stop tour of some of London’s most famous landmarks. River tours are also a prominent feature of the Thames, and give you a chance to see the city from a new angle, the Thames Rocket can be very exhilarating too!

London From A View

The views of London are to die for, and whether it be from the 43rd floor of the walkie talkie building, surrounded by exotic plants, or from atop the hill at Greenwich Observatory, most of the best views in London do not require you to break social distance. Indeed, many are situated outside and make for great destinations during a wander around areas such as Greenwich (Greenwich Observatory), Peckham (Telegraph Hill), Regent’s Park (Primrose Hill) and Parliament Hill (Hampstead Heath).