London- A geek chic paradise


Over the last decade the retail and entertainment industries have been turned on their heads, as nerds and geeks all over the world have become the new leaders of pop culture. Thanks to the massive rise in superhero movies and technological gadgets, geek is now the ‘in’ thing.

If you’ve joined the geek chic movement then you’ll be happy to know that London is full of geek gold mines. Whether you’re looking for comics or collectables, the Montcalm Royal London City’s geek guide will make souvenir shopping in London a breeze.

Forbidden Planet

This megastore located on Shaftesbury Avenue is a geek utopia and has become one of London’s biggest retailers of cult entertainment. Originally a comic book store, Forbidden Planet has expanded to become a hub of all things geek. With an entire floor devoted to graphic novels, comic book lovers will be spoilt for choice. The huge library contains literature from major publishers and indie artists. If you’re looking for collectables or memorabilia then check out the shop’s huge range of movie props, bobble-heads and figurines.

Red 5

If technology is your thing then Red 5 is the place to do your souvenir shopping in London. The specialist gadget shop sells a variety of big boy’s toys and technological gizmos. If you want to get in on the drone craze then you’ll find all kinds of flying gadgets at the Soho-based superstore. Light up your room with a range of customisable Smart Home LEDs and novelty lights. Red 5 is a must-see for technology buffs and science geeks looking to add new gadgets to their collection.

Orcs Nest

Orcs nest is a treasure trove of nerdy goodness, full of fantasy novels and role playing games. The hobby shop’s huge range of fantasy gaming collectables is one of the best in London. Fight off evil demons and defeat the armies of the nether realm by reinforcing your collection of characters at Orcs Nest. The shop is located just down the road from the Tottenham Court Road Tube Station, which means it’s easily accessible from the Montcalm Royal London City Hotel.


This book shop is located in Camden Town and specialises in traditional Japanese Manga comics and anima films, making at an alternate destination for your last minute souvenir shopping in London. Any fans of classic cartoons like Dragonball Z and Naruto will feel right at home in this geek’s paradise. Their collection of authentic manga includes hundreds of titles like One Piece and Attack on Titan. If you’re in search of some good quality anime, then put Animetal at the top of your list of things to do in London.

Gosh Comics

The slick interior and clever organisation at Gosh comics has resulted in a contemporary comic book store renowned for its chilled vibe. The shop is home to one of the best collections of graphic novels in London, with hundreds of popular titles available. You can find everything from vintage children’s books and indie releases to Japanese Manga and mainstream comics. Gosh is a top destination for geeks that are looking for a wide range of graphic literature.