A London guide for new musicians


London is the creative capital of Britain and has been a place of pilgrimage for writers, artists and musicians for centuries. Anyone looking to take their passion for music to the next level can find all sorts of hidden treasures around the city.

If you’ve recently picked up an instrument for the first time and you’re looking for inspiration, our Montcalm Hotels London are the perfect base. You’ll find everything from bustling venues to authentic music shops on our doorstep. Take advantage of our hotel packages London and check out some of these must-see music spots.

Hobgoblin Music

Rathbone Place, London

Whether you’ve been playing for a little while and you’re looking to upgrade your instrument or you’re a complete beginner in need of learning materials, you can find all of the tools needed to help you improve at Hobgoblin Music. The quaint music store can be found in the heart of the Fitzrovia area, which means it’s only a short trip on the Tube away from our Montcalm Hotels London. The shop specialises in acoustic guitars but you will also find a wide range of drums, keyboards, woodwind instruments and enough sheet music to keep you going for years to come.

North London Music Academy

Pratt Mews, London

Learning to play a new instrument from scratch can be very difficult and stressful, especially if you only have books and online videos. There’s no better way to learn than from an expert and there’s no better place to find musical experts in London than at the North London Music Academy. With a wide range of friendly teachers that have been working within the music industry for years, you’ll gain the skills you need to take your musical prowess to the next level. Whether you’re looking to shred the guitar or tickle the keys of a piano, there are lessons for all ages and abilities.

Sister Ray Record Shop

The vinyl scene in London is the best in the country, with hundreds of great hidden gems boasting expansive collections of rare and hard to find albums. If you’ve recently begun playing an instrument and you’re looking for inspiration, there’s no better way to stay motivated than by listening to the greats and reminding yourself what it is you’re practising for. Whether you’re planning to play guitar solos like Hendrix or hit the drums like Dave Grohl, you’ll find a huge range of music from different genres at Sister Ray.

Open mic night

If you’ve got the courage and you want to share what you’ve learned with the people of London, an open mic night is a perfect way to express yourself. The music scene in London is legendary and some of the most famous artists crafted their skills on the small stages of the city. Take a stroll through places like Shoreditch and Soho to find places that welcome new talent. For example, Troy Bar on Hoxton Street always has a warm and welcoming crowd that will help you conquer any stage fright and begin your musical journey.