London’s best street art

street art

Ever since the rise of popular urban artist Banksy, street art and graffiti painting have become respected forms of contemporary art. What was once considered vandalism, is now seen as an expressive form of modern art.

As you make your way around London you can see examples of work from the city’s best underground artists. Over the last decade the pop culture scene has been taken over by street art and galleries in London have also began to recognise the creative value of this unique format.

If you want to get an inside look at the growing street art movement, then this helpful guide will help you find the best spots to see some unique artwork.

South Bank

In the South bank area Along the River Thames, you’ll find some of the best street art in London. The underground skate park next to the National Theatre has provided graffiti artists with a concrete canvas for years. The park is full of interesting artwork that is constantly changing. The colourful urban murals make for some amazing Instagram photos, but snap them while you can because artists are always spraying over their old tags. The area has become so well recognised that the South Bank Centre has started offering curated walls for the city’s best graffiti artists to display their work on. This is a place where street art and galleries in London really converge.


This London borough is an urban wonderland, rich with diverse culture and unique artistry. Renowned street artists such as Louis Masai and Jimmy C have both made their mark on Brixton’s architecture. Stroll through the borough’s streets around the main station and you’ll see illustrations that rival artwork in any of the city’s museums. Brixton has embraced the creativity of London’s urban artists by organising street festivals which feature live street art demonstrations. Head to The Stockwell Hall of Fame, a legal graffiti spot where you will find some of the best work the city has to offer.

Hackney Road

Taking a walk from east Shoreditch to Cambridge Heath Road will reveal a world of intricate artwork. The dilapidated walls and crumbling buildings have been brought to life with amazing illustrations from some of the city’s most creative artists. Art Under the Hood is an organisation that support street artists by providing curated spots for their spray paint masterpieces. A few of these designated graffiti spots can be found around the Shoreditch area. The Hackney Road location offers some of the grittiest displays of authentic street art in London.

Camden Lock

No area in London has embraced the world of street art quite as much as Camden. The area surrounding Camden Lock has become an urban museum in its own right, featuring some of the biggest and best works in the world. The market area and railway bridges are constantly getting fresh coats of paint thanks to the hundreds of street artists that venture to the area every month. Creatives can rest assured thanks to the unique initiative set up by The Real Art of Street Art, which gives urban artists the chance to display their skills openly and easily.