London’s Coolest Immersive Experiences


One of the most exciting things to try out when you’re in London is a full-on, immersive experience.

Rather than just watching something on a screen, immersive experiences get you on your feet and pull you deep into the action. Plus, they’re a great way to bond with friends, as you can all step on or into a wild and mysterious adventure together – whether you’re heading into the past, journeying to a new planet, or exploring an unknown future as a group.

Read on to check out some of the coolest immersive experiences taking place in London, and book yourselves into one of the great 5 star hotels in London before diving into one of the city’s most exciting activities!

Sherlock: The Game Is Now

If you fancy yourself up to par with the famous detective, this intriguing immersive experience will challenge you mentally and physically. For fans of the award-winning TV show starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott as the titular sleuth and his arch-nemesis, this is a golden opportunity to experience a taste of their world.

You’ll be taken into a fictional version of the detective’s iconic address at 221b Baker Street, where you’ll be tasked with solving a strange and mysterious case. The stakes are high, as the detective has disappeared, leaving you and your friends with the job of both finding him and solving the mystery.

Be prepared to have your brain challenged, and make sure you come sharp and ready to go. The game has been devised by the excellent team behind the show itself, with devious puzzles, familiar spaces and hidden clues and challenges around every corner. There’s even a chance to indulge in a Sherlock-themed afternoon tea to reward your hard work afterwards, although you might prefer a more relaxing session at spa packages in London to unwind instead!

The Wolf of Wall Street

This novel immersive experience takes you into the world of the infamous “Wolf of Wall Street” – Jordan Belfort. Based on both his original memoirs and the recent movie, you’ll be drawn into the fast-paced world of the outrageous stock trader and his hedonistic universe, and the extravagant party atmosphere that surrounded him.

Held at a secret location in London, once inside, you’ll be transported Stateside – specifically, into a four-storey 1990’s Wall Street building, kitted out with a bar, restaurant and more, and surrounded by the trappings of Belfort’s lavish lifestyle.

During the immersive experience, you might find yourself at Belfort’s side, in a world of unbelievable luxury – or you might be on the side of the FBI, as they hunt down the rogue traders running amok. Whichever side you’re on, you’re sure to have a thrilling and unforgettable time.


The first of its kind, Otherworld takes you into a mind-bending world of alternative realities, through an exceptionally designed VR experience.  Otherworld will impress you from the outset – located in Haggerston, a short journey away from Montcalm Royal London City Hotel, the virtual reality arcade takes you instantly into a surreal, futuristic environment, lit up in brightly coloured neon and furnished with strange, cylindrical pods, called “immersion rooms”.

While each room only holds a single person, you can still enjoy the experience with friends, as you’ll be able to stay connected and interact with each other throughout. And once you’re inside, the true fun begins. Each VR pod is set up with a variety of devices, to make your virtual experience feel as real as possible. Once you’ve strapped on your VR device, you’ll be able to feel the sun on your skin, wind rushing past you and the texture of the ground beneath your feet.

Otherworld features a menu of 16 games at present, each taking you into incredible new worlds, located on Earth, or far beyond. Climb up Mount Everest, defeat the zombie hordes in Arizona, or do battle with laser guns against space pirates.

After all the fun, you’ll have a chance to relax before you begrudgingly head back to reality. Thankfully, the Otherworld team have put together an excellent bar to accompany the immersive experience, featuring very real and delicious cocktails, poke bowls, tacos and more.

Secret Cinema: Stranger Things

Secret Cinema is renowned for creating some of the best immersive experiences based on film, and their first venture into the world of TV shows starts with the phenomenally popular world of Stranger Things. The Secret Cinema team have their work cut out for them, as they combine all three seasons into one incredible immersive experience, and the result is something truly memorable.

From a secret London location, you’ll be transported back in time to the 80s, into the small town of Hawkins, Indiana. Of course, it’s no typical small, sleepy town, and behind its innocuous appearance, you’ll soon discover hidden secrets, hideous monsters, and some truly horrendous 80s hairstyles, as you find yourself in the Upside Down.

You’ll be given your own character and storyline, so be prepared to dress up to get the most out of your experience. Walkie-talkies, backpacks and mullets are all fair game here, so don’t hesitate to push your boundaries and step out of the everyday world, into the show’s weird and wonderful universe.

To make sure you’re up to speed and have the best time, it’s worth watching all three seasons of the show beforehand. Through the course of the experience, you’ll get to explore the town of Hawkins, with a thrilling and unique theatrical set up around you. Combining 360-degree screenings, projections and special effects, alongside familiar and new characters, it’s a great way to experience the hit show from a different perspective.

The overall experience is over 3 hours long, so it’s worth booking into some London hotel packages, to make sure you have somewhere comfortable to relax after the show, before heading back to the real world. With the show’s massive popularity, this immersive experience is already proving to be in high demand, so it’s worth booking on fast.

What immersive experience are you going to check out in London? Leave us a comment with your plans!