Make the most of Apple’s new travel promo offer in London

London Travel

Apple has come up with a great promotional offer for Londoners using public transportation. They can choose to travel for free on three consecutive Mondays i.e. 29 Feb, 7th & 14th March, 2016, as long as they own an Apple device. It s a part of a promo offer that has Apple link-up with Mastercard, with the timing being from 4:30 a.m. to 1 a.m. the next morning. For this Apple users will need to have a Mastercard linked payment option which can be used on the Underground, trams, buses and most rail services in the city. In fact fare gates and buses already have compatibility with Apple Pay that can be activated by users just by tapping twice on their iPhone home button and touching it to the sensor device.

The question is how far will take you in an expensive city like London? The good news is a pretty good distance with real value for money. This is made feasible because the city transport authorities have a well defined transit fare structure in place that benefits those individuals who travel extensively. For example if you are travelling in Central London in either (Zone 1 or 2), an adult usually needs to pay up a whopping fare. With such an exorbitant price, there is a likelihood of finishing the Apple Pay fare refund within four rides!

The trick is to milk the pass for all its worth by choosing to travel more extensively. For this you would need to select a day pass to travel through Zones 1 through 7 and will just have to shell out , which is a steal! At that price you could choose to get pretty much anywhere within the city which includes travel to Heathrow Airport. Of course to make the most of this terrific offer you need to plan your travel itinerary in a manner to maximize the benefits you can squeeze from this offer. So if you have any pending tasks to complete or places to visit make the most of this opportunity!

While this is great news for Londoners it is not so for international visitors who have been excluded from this offer. The reason is that the MasterCard link to Apple Pay has to originate from having a domestic bank account in the U.K.!

There are close to 250,000 retail locations in the country signed up with Apple Pay. In the US there are 2 million retailers who have a tie up with Apple. Surprisingly mobile payment methods have enjoyed more popularity in the Asian and European markets. The US Market interestingly is just starting to pick up through the launch of services like Samsung Pay, Android Pay and of course Apple Pay. The offer is exclusively for UK MasterCard holders that have an Apple Pay compatible device such as an iPhone 6 series and above or an Apple Watch!