Navigating A Post-Pandemic London

Navigating A Post-Pandemic London

Since lockdown restrictions have been lifted nationwide and the double vaccine rollout has reached 44 million people across the UK, London has become the prime target for tourists nationwide. Whilst international travel is a different matter, the UK capital has opened its arms to tourists the country over, offering everything from lavish hotel stays to last-minute hotel deals London. In short, there’s a lot in London that tourists and those from green listed countries can enjoy during a visit, all safe from the effects of the coronavirus. 

It’s best not to jump the gun though, there are still coronavirus restrictions in place across many businesses and transport services. If you’re planning a night out during a London city break UK you’ll still need to show proof that you are not carrying the coronavirus. With that in mind, the Montcalm hotel’s COVID safe guide to London will help you to navigate ongoing restrictions and ensure that you jump the queue when it comes to bookings and holiday activities. 

Current Restrictions

Whilst restrictions in London have been lifted, it is still advised that even those who have been fully vaccinated remain cautious when travelling around London, especially in crowded areas. Whilst infection rates remain high, the fact that large amounts of the country have now been vaccinated means that hospitalisations are lower but whilst fully vaccinated people will not get as sick from coronavirus if infected, they will still have to self-isolate for ten days. This means that it is still very important that London locals and guests at the Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch London must still be cautious. 

Events And Accommodation

Alongside the advised caution of guests in the city, venues, accommodation and eateries such as the Montcalm Finsbury Square Restaurants are still carrying out regimented cleaning protocols and asking visitors who are not seated to wear face coverings. However, the way that COVID safety measures are carried out differ from business to business, so it’s worth researching before you book your event, table or activity. 

Negative Test Proof And COVID Passes

Most events in London will ask that you show proof of a negative COVID test, proof of antibodies or proof of vaccination before visiting the venue. To make things easier, the NHS COVID Pass can be downloaded as an app onto your tablet or smartphone and retains all of your medical information. This makes it easier to provide details of your COVID tests and vaccinations when entering a venue or restaurant. 

Top Tips For London In Autumn 2021

So if you’re looking for tips for fun activities and the best hotels for a staycation in London, what will help your trip run smoothly? 

Book In Advance

Make sure to always book a table or ticket in advance. Not only will this guarantee you entry into venues and eateries, but it will help you plan ahead and get refunds in case the venue has to shut down due to a coronavirus outbreak.

Always Carry Proof That You’re COVID Negative

Whether it be in the form of the NHS COVID Pass or an email confirming you have antibodies, make sure that you always have proof that you are COVID negative to hand. You never know when you’re going to need it! 

Outdoor Activities

Consider booking and planning outdoor activities. Whilst the summer season may be waning, it’s set to be a sunny September with weather that will keep warm enough to enjoy parks, picnics and outdoor events into October.